Sunday, 16 May 2021


 I'm not sure if you will remember but Tom was working on a tapestry with a picture of a cat's head.

Well he finished it and I finally got around to making it into a cushion.

Unfortunately I have to have it on show with the back facing us.

It has a kind of spooky look to it and I can't bear to see it staring at me. lol

We didn't notice it while he was making it but sitting there on the kitchen sofa it is , well, what can I say.

Just Spooky

What do you think?

Friday, 14 May 2021



Who likes going to the dentist, I'm sure not many people.

I don't like it but it isn't something that bothers me.

One year ago my small denture broke and I've been just about managing waiting for the lockdown to end so that I could get an appointment to get a check up and fix the denture.

I finally got the appointment and due to this not being the first denture to break decided to go for a light weight metal one costing several hundred pounds.

I've had one of these before and it lasted for years, so owing to my senior years in theory this one should last until I croak. lol

I went yesterday for the final fitting and had a really traumatic experience.

Once the denture was in place (and it was a really tight fit) neither I nor the dentist could get it out.

We both tried and he was levering with an instrument trying to move the thing.

In the end I managed to remove it myself  but by this time was so het up I got up from the chair and informed the dentist that he was not going to put 'that thing' in my mouth again.

I've been in touch with the dental surgery since and I am going to see another dentist next week and hope that he can sort me out.

I've completely lost faith in my own dentist.

When I got home I was shaking and needed a cup of tea to get myself back together.

Wish me luck for Tuesday.



Thursday, 13 May 2021



As promised I am showing the first of the squares that go to make up the 'Four Seasons' crochet throw.

This is a picture of the finished throw.
I have made the top right square so far and am now making the bottom left one.

Here is the first square finished using the colours provided in the kit.

And here is another square exactly the same pattern but using colours from my stash.

I've decided to make two of these throws.  One using the kit and another using my own yarns.

This is going to be a lengthy process but as it is made one square at a time and each square is a different pattern it is so interesting.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021



This morning I've been up in the big cupboard in the spare room trying to make room.
This is the 'throw all' cupboard for useful things that might be needed in the future but very rarely are. 
I have so many pillows that I save for the stuffing for toys etc that will probably never be made and decided that I must be brave and start throwing these things out.
To save me going up and down the stairs I threw them over the top to pick up later.
Rowan decided to make them her 'best spot' for the morning and we are picking our way along the hall until she decides to move.
That's the kind of thing cat lovers do because we are all nuts. lol

The crochet throw is coming along nicely (shown in progress above) and I'll soon show the finished square.
It's taking more time as I'm doubling up and making the exact same square each time with some of my own wools in different colours so that I will have two throws the same but different wool and colours in the end.

Mr.Hedgehog has not been seen since but that doesn't mean he's not coming, still keeping an eye out for him.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk – I LOVE THIS VIDEO

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
Some of the words relate so much to the times we are in.
Before we ever learned the fear of being bold
Before we ever were afraid of the unknown
When the lights go up
I don't think I told you
That I feel out of place
Pull me underground
Don't know if you notice
Sometimes I close my eyes
And dream I'm somewhere else
Anywhere away from here 

I sure would like to be in another place these days, how about you?

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 In my last post I showed the Hedgehog who had visited the garden and how exciting it was to actually see one for real.

I have continued as usual to put out the dog food for the foxes and of course it's all gone in the morning but unless I sit at the window all evening there's not much chance of me seeing him again.

I was surprised at how fast they can move and I think that after hastily gobbling down some food he is off like a shot, therefore it's difficult to know if he's been back.

I have wrestled with myself over if I should make an effort to put out food especially for him each night as once I start I would feel obliged to keep it up.

But my softy side said yes, put some out.

I had previously put some food right alongside the shed where I hoped the fox couldn't get it and it has disappeared each night, but knowing Mr.Fox he may have shoved his leg along and got to it.

So, to solve the question of whether the Hedgehog has been back I've place an upturned box with a slab on top and some dog food right at the back of the box. I'm hoping that this is fox proof and if the food goes it will indicate that the Hedgehog is still coming.

I have put a garden chair over the top of the box to keep it in place and now we wait.....

Friday, 30 April 2021


 Last night about 11 o'clock I opened the back door and threw out the fox food as usual.

One can of dog food and some dog biscuits plus any other bits if I have them.

I went back in and a little later looked out to see if any foxes were in the garden and lo and behold there was a very large Hedgehog merrily tucking in to the dog food.

In all of the 56 years that we have lived here we have never, ever seen a Hedgehog.

I was so excited and rushed in for the camera.

I think you can just about see him just sitting there have a good meal of dog meat.

He then tottered of under the bench and finally walked down around the side of the bijou shed.
There is a hole in the side of the shed that we cut out for a stray cat and we are wondering if he has made his home in the shed.

I'm sort of not wanting to go into the shed now in case he's there and I frighten him, but my garden tools are in there.
He didn't seem to be aware of me taking photos and I am wondering if their hearing isn't so good.

Where on earth he's come from I do not know as it's all houses around here and the back gardens are not easy to get into.
Mine has a hole cut into the back gate for the cats and so he's obviously come through there.
I'll keep you updated.


Friday, 23 April 2021


 I wrote a post recently about our Grandson who had taken in a rescue dog, an English Bull Terrior called Patsy.

This dog had been used as a breeding dog and they were told that she had had two litters.

They took her in and found her to be a lovely natured dog who loves all the affection they give her.

But..... she has come with problems that they were not aware of.

The main problem is that she does not like going out and is frightened of other dogs.

The first few days she did her business in the flat but after coaxing she is now doing it outside, but to get her out (they live in a flat at the moment) they have to lay a trail of treats on each stair tread to encourage her out.

It now turns out that she has been used solely as a breeding dog and lived in a pen on woodchips for all of her life with probably no interaction with other dogs and not many humans.

They took her to the vet for a thorough check up and he thinks that she has had many more litters than two.

My Grandson and his partner  have employed a 'dog whisperer' to try to help her to adjust to normal life but in the meantime she is just so happy with them.

Their next thought is to move to a house with a garden to help her to become more out going.

I write this to bring this disgusting business of breeding dogs for money and not caring for their welfare to the fore.

If they had not taken her it would more than likely have been the end for her.

Here she is snuggling up.
She's lucky but how many poor dogs are used and then discarded, it breaks my heart to think.


Tuesday, 20 April 2021



My son has just sent me this.
It sounds like they've found something to laugh about, lol

Saturday, 17 April 2021


 For some time now I have been hankering after doing some more crochet.

I didn't want to make any more granny squares and  I've had enough of amigurami.

I trawled through Pinterest and found that Deramores did a granny square blanket with a difference and you could buy the kit.

So I thought I'd use some of my Birthday money to buy the kit and it came a couple of days ago.

Here is some of the yarn on the desk getting marked up with the relevant letters so that I know what to look for.
Lovely yarn and gorgeous colours.  I'm really pleased and can't wait to get going.

After marking it I wanted to put what I am not using right now back into the box but had to wait a while as it was occupied. lol

Will keep you updated with my progress.