Friday, 22 May 2020


I have owned a small Fuji Film camera for years that has served me well.
I keep it in the work room and still use it upstairs if I can't be bothered to go downstairs for my 'best' camera.
It still takes nice photos but in all the years I have owned it all I have done is point and shoot.
This morning we have both been upstairs, Tom crocheting and me piddling about when I decided to have a go at the video to show Princess breathing underneath the bed cover.
This wasn't successful and I was messing about and found the Panoramic feature.

Well, I am pleased with myself, lol
Just look at that.
My messy desk full of balls of wool currently in use for the cat picture,  see the cat squares on the board underneath the printer and then Tom concentrating hard on his crochet.

He has the kindle open on the pattern and his little notebook for jotting down the rows.
There's only one problem with him being in the same room as me and that is, I like talking and he needs to concentrate so I am finding it difficult to stay quiet. lol

As you can see, I have a few more cats made and one even has eyes.
7 more squares and 10 more cats to make.
I'm thinking more wall hanging than cushion.
For one thing cushions don't last long in this house as the cats find a way of wrecking them so a backing and on the wall I think.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020


The oxygen equipment arrived yesterday and today we are waiting for the nurse to explain all of the do's and don'ts.

Not half as bad as we thought it would be, the converter sits nicely behind the door and the sofa so   isn't like an elephant in the room.
This only needs to be on when in use so as Tom does not need oxygen at night at the moment it will not be a disturbance.

The large tank is for use in a power cut and the smaller ones are for carrying outside, you can see the one in a kind of rucksack and it's not that heavy to carry.

Onward and upward, all these things take a bit of getting used to but I'm sure that Tom will benefit from it and will feel so much better once he gets to grips with it.

Saturday, 16 May 2020


The tapestry is finished and we are waiting for the shop to open for us to buy a new cushion pad and some backing fabric to finish.
Then we can give it to Tom Grandson.

So now Tom has decided to give the crochet another go.

What looks like bowl is the beginnings of a Pug dog's head.
The pattern is on the kindle and he has his little note book for recording the rows and he's off.....

Don't ask why he is making it, there is no reason other than to keep active and busy.
We'll keep you posted.
 If you fancy making this one here is the site.


The time has come for Tom to have a bit of help with his breathing.
He has been gradually getting worse but the oxygen he needed was not available to him until his levels fell to a certain number. 
Well now they are low enough and next Wednesday we have the Oxygen machine coming and on Thursday the nurse will come to tell him how to use it.
I'm sure that this will give him a new lease of life as he will be able to take a small container out and it will make walking a lot easier for him.
Also he will feel a lot better in himself.

Meanwhile, the Bijou Garden is bouncing back once again.
The Honeysuckle on each side of the stairs is truly magnificent this year.
The overall look is still a bit green but there are lots of rose buds just waiting to burst and the old faithful 'Blue Angel' Clematis is also starting to get buds.
When I can get to the garden centre I will be buying the usual Bizzy Lizzies, they go on all through the Summer and are great value.
I'll show again later in the year when there is more colour but isn't it wonderful how everything just springs back each year?

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


I'm pinning the squares onto a cork board to keep then in shape and have 4 cats so far, no eyes or noses yet but I think this will be a winner.
The dark ginger cat is made with eyelash yarn and then trimmed, I think he looks fab.  Slightly fatter than his friends.

Monday, 11 May 2020


Once again my Grandson has come up with a brilliant photo.
Some people just have the nack of taking great photo's
I'm not one of them but he is.
Now that's what you call keeping the 2 mtr distance.

Taken in London.


Happy  30th Birthday to my gorgeous Grandson Tom.

Sunday, 10 May 2020


My Grandson lives near to the Roman Road in London and has told me about a large family who live opposite him

He took this photo of them riding on their horse and cart turning into the Roman Road.

No pollution from this mode of transport.

Saturday, 9 May 2020


Yesterday was such a lovely day so we went down to the prom.
Most people were keeping their distance and we are now allowed to sit on a bench according to the policeman I spoke to the other day so we sat a we observed.

The sea was beautifully calm and several people were actually swimming.

I've never seen so many paddle boarders on the water at one time, it seems to be the new thing.
No kite surfers this time as there wasn't any wind.

A couple of swimmers just setting out and in the distance is HMS Severn a Royal Navy ship waiting offshore to sound its horns for VE day.
Apparently there were searchlights in the sky in the evening but we were not there to see them.

This picture might interest any Pink Floyd fans.
No not the old couple in pink in the foreground. lol
The building in construction in the background is being built for Dave Gilmour, him of the Pink Floyd.
A five bedroom  mansion right on the seafront with soundproof rooms for playing music.

Apparently this is what it will look like when it's finished.

Who knows, I might just be able to get a snap of him sauntering along the prom one day. lol

Friday, 8 May 2020


I know I'm asking for a few trolls here but I just feel I have to post regarding the clapping that goes on each Thursday night to supposedly support the NHS.

My youngest son is a nurse who works hard for small wages.
He has been working in Intensive Care with Corona patients garbed in the uncomfortable and hot  outfits required to keep safe.

I just wonder if these same people who are standing grinning at each other whilst ringing bells, whooping and clapping will be there to support our Doctors and Nurses for better conditions and pay when this is all over ?????

Just a thought.