Friday, 8 December 2017


A way to go yet but here's some of the grass and corn in place.

And five little poppies drying in the sun (electric light, lol)
I found some lovely red fabrics, tiddled about, frayed checked the edges and I think they will do the job nicely.
Dug out a couple of little flying birds from the stash of bits and pieces, they should look nice in each corner.

Just some of my glitter goodies.
I can't tell you how much I love all this stuff.
Fabric, wool, silks, glitter goodies fill my heart with such happiness.
Some  people may think this strange but fellow stashers will understand. lol

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Little wren page finished.  

New page begun.
Still not sure about it but will carry on.
It still could be dumped if it doesn't shape up. lol

Sunday, 3 December 2017


Almost finished the little wren page for my fabric journal.
I decided to slighty pad the centre and have added lace and a  few champagne colour beads around the edge.

I split open the back to added a little padding.

Just have to finish the edge of the block now and I can start a new page.

Lucky for some.  Grandson Tom on holiday in Bermuda.
He works hard with long hours and he deserves it.

Friday, 1 December 2017


Our Grandson lives in London in a flat with a couple of other friends and therefore cooks all of his own meals.

The other night he went to make scrambled eggs and broke the eggs into the jug.

Look how they turned out.
He sent the picture to his Mum and us because it was so bizarre how they managed to turn into a  smiley face. lol

Thursday, 30 November 2017


I can't wait for the 1st December to open my first advent calender 'box'.

My Daughter has bought me a beauty advent calender from M&S with 24 different boxes each containing a beauty product.

I see that crafty guinea pig has got himself in the picture again, haha

After she had given me the gift she said that she felt bad for Tom and went out and bought him an advent calender .

Who do you think got the best deal?  lol
He has 24 bowls of different cereal.
Good job he likes them LOL

Sunday, 22 October 2017


First can I say thankyou to all of you who commented on the flu jab post.
I'm pleased to say that I feel much better now and am hoping that the other thingy doesn't come back.
I hate it when I don't feel like sewing, I walk past the work room but just do not have the inclination to go in, but anyway I'm back to normal now, thank goodness.

The lace collar pocket page is now finished and I just have to attach it to page two, the embellished block.The spare at the side is where I will join the pages together.  Not quite worked that one out yet but will get to it.  I've left a good bit to play around with.

Pink silk flowers

I'm now thinking of the next page.

I have this little Wren that I embroidered many years ago.  It has been in a frame all this time and I'm thinking I will make it a centre piece.
When I look at this I wonder just how on earth I did it.  
It is made entirely from ordinary silko sewing cottons.

If I don't put it in the book it will probably go in a skip when I depart, lol

I have a greenfinch that I made at the same time but cannot find at this moment, I'm just hoping it has not been thrown away in one of my mad clear out events.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Way back in the 70's I had a flu jab that resulted in me being very unwell and I vowed never to have another.

Recently I was forced to go to the Doctors with an UTI that just wasn't going away.  This is a first for me, I have never had one in my life before.
Did I pick it up from the Hospital when Tom was there for a week ? who knows.

Anyway, whilst sitting in the chair in the nurses room, (like a sitting duck) she persueded me that at my age I should have the vaccine and so like a good little 'sitting duck' I agreed.

She told me that I may feel a bit rough for a couple of days !!!!!

I was so unwell, I actually spent one whole day in bed unable to get up, wringing wet with sweat one minute and freezing cold the next.  This lasted for 3 days.

Yesterday I had to go back to the nurse as the Antibiotics (again I have not taken Antibiotics since the 70's ) did  not work completely and so I am now on a second lot.

I mentioned that I had been ill and she said that some of the Doctors in the surgery had also been ill after the flu jab, this made me feel a lot better as I thought maybe I was just paranoid about the thing.

I guess this tells me that it isn't for everyone.
Tom marches in, gets his jab and never has any ill effects.

Just hoping that this second lot of pills work and I can get back to normal.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


If you visit the supermarket pet isle to buy your dog or cat food have you ever come across the people like you who stand pondering for ages over what food to buy for the dear little furry friends who have us all wrapped around their claws?

We often get involved in conversations with other pet owners who all seem to have the same dilemma.

'Oh, last time they didn't eat that.'

'We've tried that before remember, they only ate it once and then refused to even go near the dish 

'Well, Polly likes that, but the others won't touch it'.

'How about these kibbles for a treat? No remember we gave the last lot to the seagulls'.

Or is it just me ???

Sunday, 8 October 2017


This doesn't happen very often, they must have found some substance in a garden somewhere that has chilled them out. lol
Princess and Rupert in a love up.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


For years now I have been cutting Tom's hair for him.
We use clippers with the appropriate attachment for the length he wants it to be.

Over the years his hair has thinned a little but he does still have a full head of hair.
he did until the other day.

I always leave him to get the clippers out and get them ready for use, I am just the cutter.

Look what happened.
The silly old  $%^&^%$  forgot to put the attachment on.
I gaily started cutting and mowed the first path through and was horrified to find that he had forgotten to attach it.

What to do?

We could take the whole lot off or go around it.
We decided to go around it and so for a few weeks he is having to wear a baseball cap when he goes out. lol

It wasn't funny at the time but we can see the funny side of it now.