Thursday, 13 September 2018


 Wouldn't he just love to get out to the cats?

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Maybe not everyone's kind of book, but I found this book very interesting.
Basically it is about a Japanese Captain who in the war  has orders to kill an American airman.
Once the war is over he is hunted down as a war criminal.
The irony of the book is that he killed one man but the Americans killed thousands of innocent people with their incendiary bombs and of course the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
It is a book that stays with you after reading and makes you think about the injustice of war, thus the title.

Saturday, 8 September 2018


The first couple of rows for another page of sampler seam treatment stitches.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


With the lung condition that Tom has he is now unable to walk a lot further than 100 yards without getting puffed.
I have a back and hips that sing to me if I walk any distance and so even though we have the car we are limited to how far we can get on foot.
We decided to invest in a small mobility scooter so that we can get more walking in.
One rides while the other walks and then we swop over, this way we can get a long way and both get exercise.

Here's my man , look no feet, lol

Sunday, 26 August 2018


For many, many years now we have been up with the lark on a Sunday and out to a car boot sale, in fact some times we went to more than one in the same day.
Now, sadly we are just about able to waddle around the one and even that is getting tiring, but we will keep going as long as we can because there are bargains to be had and we love it.
Today I had a great find.

52 new, large reels of cotton for just £4.00
Now, if you know how much a reel of cotton is you'll know that this is a bargain.
I reckon one reel would cost anything from £1.50
When I do patchwork I use miles of cotton and you can never have enough, needless to say I'm really pleased with these.

How about this then.  A book for Bo, or rather Penny to teach him a few tricks. lol
50p worth of fun.

One beetle finished, just the sides of the page to fill now and another page is done.

Pouring with rain here at the moment and just hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, 25 August 2018


Finally got around to doing another post
We've both been down in the glums for a couple of days, its not easy when Tom is short of breath and coughing, it affects us both but today is a good day and all is well.
I've managed to do a bit more to the dragonfly page.

A nice fat bumblebee has gone on the top, I've added a bit of fluff to make him look more bumbly and the wings were a bit of a problem but I finally made them out of silk ribbon.
  I now have the outline of a beetle at the bottom ready to be filled in.

Meanwhile, little Bo has had his first haircut.
It was growing so fast and was in his eyes. His Mum said he was very good and didn't mind at all.

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, lol

Sunday, 19 August 2018


This is my latest read.
I love to read but it must be something that holds me and if possible is informative in some way.
I do like a good thriller but so many are along the same lines that I get fed up with them.
This book is a book that I shall remember for a long time.

I do remember  hearing about and watching on tv things about the Berlin Wall years ago.
I knew roughly what it was all about but that was it.
This book is so informative on those times and follows a family who are split and live on both sides of the wall and the contrast in their lives.
I could not put it down.

Just received this photo of the naughty Bo from my daughter, lol

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Yesterday was a blue day, I get them from time to time and so not much was done and I did a lot of thinking and being miserable..
Too much thinking is usually what causes the miseries.
I wish I had a history button that I could drop down in my head and then go through and delete all the things that are continually bothering me.
Usually the same things either now or from the past, things that I can't put right and I really do not want to keep bringing up in my head.
Yes, that would be lovely to be able to get rid of all the negative thoughts.  
Maybe I could just put them in the trash to be recovered if I ever needed to mull them over  but they wouldn't be right there to make me blue.
By the evening I had shaken myself back to normal and went upstairs to work on the new page.

I'm making the wings from organza material and marking the veins with a fine pen.

I'm mulling over the bodies and would really like some flat backed stones for the big part but would you believe it, even though I have several drawers of beads and jewellery I do not have any flat stones the right size, that's sods law isn't it?
I've been through all of the stash twice not quite believing that there couldn't be any but nothing.
So I think I may fill in with smaller beads, we'll see.

Little Bo is here today and asleep in the kitchen. 
We now have a baby gate again in the kitchen doorway so that the cats can have the whole house and Bo can stay in the kitchen until the cats get used to him, fingers crossed.

Here he is, first time on the beach wondering what all that water is.
Sorry picture is a bit fuzzy.

Sunday, 12 August 2018


I am making a start on a new page for the Fabric Journal and decided to use a hexagon that I made some time ago.
Rather than take a photo I decided to take the one I had used in my Flikr Photostream.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw that I actually made this in 2010.
That's 8 years ago and in my mind I thought it was probably a couple of years.
This is the one thing that is bugging me.  Time is going past so fast and I don't want it too.
I'm 72 now and if I'm lucky I may have another 10 years of so.  So its a bit worrying to think that those 8 years have slipped by without me realising it, better get cracking and try to do the things I have planned in my head. lol

This is the hexy that I speak about, untrimmed but ready for use.

So, I've trimmed it and stitched it in the centre of another page, added an edge and worked the background.
Something new for me is the glitter, not sure if you can see it. I've roughly coloured the background with my Pro Marker pen and then brushed glitter glue all over the surface.

I now intend to work four dragonflies, one in each corner.
I have no idea how I'm going to do these and so I think a bit of experimenting on a spare bit of linen will be the next thing.