Saturday, 14 February 2015


Fancied making a key fob for the kitchen and made this carrot one.  Turned out really well.
instructions found here

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 best bits.

Rupert and Mummy Polly have been hogging this blog lately and so I thought it time to show you MY best bits for a change.

 First thing are my eyes, a deep amber colour and quite serious looking.

Then the nose, I started out with a small attractive little black speck on the end but as I grew so did the speck and now my nose is half and half.

Here's my wonderful big rounded chin, much bigger than the rest of them, they all have such thin chins.

Just look at that chest full of white fluffy fur, I've Mummy Polly to thank for this.

Now here's an oddity... this looks like a felt tip mark but is in fact part of my fur.  I'm not unique in this, all of my sisters have the same mark.


 Toe hawks a plenty that's me and look how clean I keep them.
Why they are called 'Toe Hawks' is beyond me, I'm nothing to do with that bird.
This is a funny shot but its shows my really long whiskers off very well don't you think.

And finally here I am in all my glory, still looking very serious but so beautiful don't you think?

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Today was the first really Spring like day we've had this year and so we took ourselves off the 'The Tip'.
Well, this is what we call it as it used to be a valley used for tipping rubbish but when it bacame pretty full it was left to return to nature and is now known as 'Sheepcote Valley' and is a nature reserve.

Situated close to the coast, you can see the sea in the background.
Recently they have started to graze sheep here and today there were plenty.

But not the usual type of white sheep with spindly legs.  These were like mini bison, so rough looking with long tails and much bigger furry legs.   I wonder what they are? I'm sure 'Countryside Tales' will know.

We took a circular walk and were so lucky to see a Kestrel perched on top of some branches posing for me to take pictures.  Now, my camera hasn't got the best zoom lense but I managed to get one decent shot before it decided I'd got a little too close for comfort.

I love the little feet curled around the branch and the enquiring look he's giving me.
We returned home with a good feeling that the real Spring will soon be here.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


At the moment my computer is on from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night.
Why ?  Because I am watching the most beautiful Owl sitting on a nest hatching eggs.
Last night she hatched the first egg and we saw the tiny bird wobbling about and I'm hoping that the other egg will hatch tonight.

If you fancy watching this marvellous webcam go to 

I have Jane and Chris from here to thank for this, they put the link on their blog.

I am completely fascinated and can't keep away from the screen.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


This afternoon, being a horrible cold one, we watched a film.  Unfortunately it ran over the time when the gang of 5 get their tea, so Polly decided to draw attention to her herself  by sitting on the mantlepiece.
She sat herself down right next to Bast.

The cat in the last picture on the hearth is Hector a china cat that has been with us for years and cost 16 shillings, that's how old he is.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Mmmmmmm these pillow look comfy...

Not a lot to post about at the moment but just had to share this picture of Rupert making himself comfy on Tom's pillows.
Whose going to be spitting fur tonight?  lol

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Mummy Polly certainly knows the warmest spots when it gets cold

She's found the warmth of the lamp here

And my wool basket is also a nice warm bed.   Good job the yarn is mostly cream and white.
Me thinks  there will be a bit of added fur to my latest crochet Scrumble.