Monday, 11 November 2019


I read today about the dangers of hot water bottles.
I had to laugh, although I do realise that if they burst they could do damage but really, if you check the bottle from time to time for wear and put the stopper in firmly there should be no accidents.

I just wondered how people would have got on in the 40's and 50's when Tom and I were children.

Tom came from a very large family and they all had a beer bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in
an old jumper.  Before you say Arggggggggh, they were very thick glass back then with screw in stoppers and there were no accidents.

We were a bit posher in my house.
I had one of these.

And when filled with water it weighed a ton.
This again had to be wrapped in a jumper as it was so hot !!!
If you turfed it out in the night the noise of it falling on the floor would wake the dead, lol

I wait with bated breath each day to see what new thing they can come up with to make out they are looking out for us.   (whoever they are? )

What happened to common sense?

Sunday, 10 November 2019


Every night I throw out one of these for the foxes. I chop it up into pieces and any old cat food goes in as well.
I also put out a couple of bits of bread and jam because I like them to get used to it in case I have to dowse it in mange drops at any time.

Last night when I went out into the kitchen to give them all the last meal, this was on the kitchen floor.
As you can see there is a cat tongue size bit missing from the middle of the bread.
Someone has carried this carefully through the cat flap and had a good old lick at the butter and jam.

Of course they all looked suitably innocent and I have no way of knowing who the thief was but if I had to bet I would say Polly.

In her life before choosing us as a permanent home she was a stray and I guess she got used to eating just about anything she could find.

It gave me a smile anyway.
Things haven't been all smiles here lately, thus no posts, but I think we are once again back to normal.

Thursday, 31 October 2019


I was wondering what you do on your computer, ipad or laptop other than blogging.
I use Google lots so I should be super informed but most of it goes straight out of my head the minute I close the page, lol
I play scrabble with lots and lots of people often having 20 on the go at the same time as well as family, I suppose you could call me a Scrabble nut.

Image result for scrabble

I also play Solitaire when waiting for the Scrabble people to get back to me.
I follow lots of crochet patterns.
I love Pinterest
I download ebooks and audiobooks from my Library
I often go on youtube of tutorial videos

But wonder just what other people do.

A few suggestions would be welcome, especially with the winter coming.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


Last Sunday while waiting to go and pick up Rupert from the vets we spent an hour on the seafront.

We have found a spot where we can park right on the Prom and sit in the car with a coffee and watch the world go by.

It was a lovely sunny day with the sun shining on the water.
I decided to have a go at taking a few pics through the windscreen and here's what came out.

Notice the paper bag on the dashboard that had contained a couple of sinful cakes, lol
But it shows how close we are to the prom.

It looks like it is dusk but it isn't. I was so pleased with the silhouettes of the people  passing by I thought I would share. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Image result for waitrose hove

The other day we went to get the prescriptions and the system was down and they had to write them all by hand.
Last year the whole of Asda closed down because of a problem with the tills.
This is what happens in this techy world when the machines do not work and its infuriating if you are on the end of it.
Today, we were so pleased when the till stopped working in Waitrose cafe just as I was about to pay.
We decided that we would eat out and I ordered a large breakfast for Tom and Chicken,Bacon and Brie on flatbread for myself.
Because they could not process the money we had it on the house.
Tom then went up and asked if they could still do a coffee and they gave us two coffees on the house as well.
So, maybe this techy stuff isn't so bad after all. lol
Money saved means we can eat out another day. Whoopiee.


Meanwhile Rupert is slowly getting back to normal.  He had his post op check up and everything looks okay, he's just a bit tender I think as he looks as though he cannot get comfy sometimes but everything seems to be working.

He says thanks for your best wishes and would like to show you his scar.

Monday, 28 October 2019


Some people have mentioned that canned pumpkin is good for cats that suffer from hair balls.
I have taken a look online and found this

I found some on Amazon at £10.00 for 3 tins,
I then looked at our supermarkets and saw that Waitrose and Sainsbury do exactly the same make for £1.65 per tin.
What's going on there then, it means that Amazon tins are twice the price of our supermarket.
Amazon are cheating the public on that one.

I shall be getting a can today and hope that Rupert accepts it.
I have read that some cats love it as a treat so here's keeping my fingers crossed.

Here he is when just a small kitten, he still has that adorable face now, no wonder we love him so.
I think it's the eyes, they are sort of sad.

He is eating and drinking okay so it's all looking hopeful except all of the others are being snooty to him.   I expect he still smells a bit vetty.
Last night he just wanted cuddles and fuss and more of the same , and he got it in spadefuls. 

Thanks for the suggestions for the hairball but I'll certainly try them if the pumpkin doesn't go down well.

So, once again we will try to relax and get some normality into our days, it seems lately that everyday has a trauma.


Tom is having to adjust his way of life and accept that he is unable to do certain things anymore and it's not easy for either of us.
Until now he has soldiered on  trying to keep doing the everyday normal things but it's proving to be unhelpful to his breathing so after another pow wow we have decided that carrying shopping or anything of any weight is out, also bending is a problem  as it restricts his breath.
The stair lift will have to be used at all times and one or two other adjustments.
It's not nice when panic takes over when trying to get the next breath, for him or for me to be there and not able to help.
Of course this last weekend didn't help as stress also makes things worse but we are over all that now and the sun is out.
What more could we want. 

Saturday, 26 October 2019

10 cm LONG.

Rupert is home after spending Friday night in the vets.
The vet wanted him to stay another night but at £200 per night we decided to bring him home.
I think it was the right decision as he has already eaten a little bit and would not eat in the vets.
A fur ball (or sausage, more like) 10cm long was removed once again.
This is the second time he has been operated on for this complaint and although I would do anything for him, if it happens again I think the only option will be to have him put to sleep, and apparently it could recur unless we can do something.
Apart from the trauma caused to all of us the cost is just ridiculous.
Both times it has cost us well over £1,500.
We just cannot keep finding this kind of money.
So, we have to devize some way of getting the fur through his system without clogging up.

I asked the vet for advice and have to say that they were not very helpful apart from trying to sell us the usual fur ball paste that Rupert can detect a mile away and will not eat.

I have been reading that liquid paraffin may be helpful and wondered if I could dribble a little on his food.
Also I read that Psyllium sprinkled on the food may also help.

They did mention that he has a full colon that needs to shift so we are still not out of the woods and I shall not be happy until I see him do a big poo.....

Both Tom and myself have never shed so many tears as we have over this weekend.
Non pet owners would not understand but those of you with cats and dogs will know how much they mean to us all.

On a lighter note,  I didn't worry so much about Tom when he was going down for surgery as I have with Rupert, lol
Animals can't tell you how they feel whereas Tom could, that's my theory anyway, lol 

I must say thankyou to all of you who kindly commented.

Friday, 25 October 2019


As I am writing this post Rupert is at the vets under investigation.
He hasn't eaten for a couple of days and I was thinking another stuck furball but the vet thinks he can feel something inside.
We are waiting for the phone call to say good or bad.
Of course we were both in floods of tears, although I shouldn't say this, he is my favourite and just so loveable.
If its a tumour he will be going to sleep so we are hoping that it's just another furball and it can be removed.
The vet did say that this could be a recurring problem but if it gives us a bit more time with him and he is okay it will be worth it.
Keep your fingers crossed that all is well.
Will post again tomorrow.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Wednesday, 9 October 2019


The cats brush is kept in the top drawer in the kitchen.
Beware the person who opens this drawer as it has a unique noise that 5 occupants of this house will come running for.
It can mean only one thing to these little menaces,  A BRUSH!

Pre brush, Rupert quite content watching the goings on from the draining board.

Polly watching the goings on from the work top.

Princess quite happy in the box on table.

Willow sitting at my feet on cheerful kitchen floor.
And then the brush comes out.

Polly hidden by 'The Chief Brusher' with Rupert waiting for his turn.

Notice the snazzy purple loungers that the 'Brusher ' is wearing.
A gift from daughter Penny when he was in Hospital.

Nice sunny morning so far here, out for burger with Matt (son) today, yum yum...