Monday, 25 October 2021


 Where are they all today.  Well, scattered all about as usual acting as though they own the place. lol

Rowan is under the wicker chair with casual crossed legs.

Mummy Polly is slightly annoyed to have the camera pointing at her.

Willow is putting her left foot in before she shakes it all about.
There is the favourite box for the moment in the background.

And here's Princess in her usual spot under my duvet.
She stays there most days only coming down to use the tray and eat.
She them waits for me to come up each night and we spend the night together.
You may think this is cute but she only has to see a hand appear from under the bed covers and she's there like a shot rubbing her head for a tickle.
This happens all night and can get a bit much, lol

Saturday, 23 October 2021


Yesterday was a horrible day.

We had call from Francesco the Respiratory nurse to talk about 'End of Life Plan'

We knew that it was something that needed to be sorted out even if it's not imminent but never the less it was harrowing to say the least.

Normally a Hospice would be the place of choice to get the very best help but in these days of Covid and the possibility of another Lockdown it would mean that we would be unable to visit Tom should he be in there for respite care or end of life. 

So we have opted for the home.

I'm sure you can imagine how upsetting this was to discuss and sort out but it's done and dusted now and in the meantime we carry on hopefully for a lot longer.

I'd like to say a big thankyou to all who have read and commented on the last post, it's nice to know that you understand and enjoy reading my posts, even the not so cheerful one's.


On a more uplifting note the cats are not a happy bunch at the moment.

 Out next door neighbours thank goodness are like us and love the foxes and birds.

They leave a washing up bowl full of water on the wall for the seagulls who love nothing better than to have a lovely bath.

They also put out cat biscuits twice a day and we have crows, seagulls, magpies and jays visiting every day.

But, these biscuits are a beacon for all of the cats in the area. We are getting cats visiting the wall that I have never seen before.

As you might guess this is not to the liking of our five.

Here's a lovely tabby that I have never seen before and Rupert spotted him through the leaves on our stairs

Luckily he doesn't seem to mind as long as they do not enter the garden and just to make sure he places himself on the top step and sits watching the hole in the gate and keeping cavey.
In case you are wondering what 'cavey' means here is the explanation.

It's properly spelt "cave", which is Latin for "Beware!" It is British public-schoolboy slang (n.b. that in Britain "public schools" are actually expensive private schools). While the class did something illicit, one boy would watch and would hiss "Cave" to his classmates when he spotted a "beak" (teacher) coming. I don't know if it is used any more, now that Latin is almost extinct in public schools.


Thursday, 21 October 2021


 I seem to be on a roll at the moment with things to blog about.

I think in the past I've just concentrated on things I thought would please the people in Blogland but have changed tack to blog about the things that matter to me and amuse me.  

I don't want to harp on about Tom being ill but it has made a huge difference to both of our lives as it would to anyone.  I know lots of you have had traumas and lost loved one's so will identify with this post.

It's all about emotions.

I'm full of them at the moment.
I feel like there is a sea bed of emotions all lying dormant on the sea floor just waiting for a storm or a ripple on the surface to make a few of them float to the top.
I never knew I had so many and varied one's that could catch me unexpectedly.

I guess there's not a lot we can do about emotions but just ride them out and try to deal with them differently next time, because each time they surface they not only affect me, but Tom and others around me.

Sorry its not a very uplifting post but sometimes writing something down clears the mind.


Monday, 18 October 2021


 Remember these two little one's, Black Faced Valais' they belong to my son in Scotland.

Well they've grown big enough to be sheared for the first time.

Just look at them now, big and strong.

And here's some fleece that's going to be winging it's way down South to me.
I have a drop spindle and am going to get a couple of carders.
Then I will  wash it and have a go at making myself some yarn. 

Meanwhile two new big boys have arrived.
Pete hopes to breed these beautiful sheep next year. 
I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, 16 October 2021


 I have several pairs of glasses, I counted them up and there are 8 pairs in all.

Some for reading, some downstairs, another pair in my bag and some upstairs.  Saying this I still often can't find a pair, lol

Over time the arms become tired and tend to spread out therefore making the glasses slip down my nose. Tom had tightened the screws but basically they are just getting old.

I have found a solution to this by taking two tiny bits of cardboard and putting them inside the hinge part of the glasses, this tightens them up and they do not slide down my nose.

When we went to the cafe the other day I took my glasses out of my bag and didn't have any cardboard.

Being a resourceful person I found a replacement the did the job nicely.

2 bit of lettuce stalk from the chicken sandwich did the job perfectly.

And if you don't want to waste anything they can be eaten after use, lol


Thursday, 14 October 2021


 Yesterday Tom wasn't up for going out, we got to the door and he couldn't get any further and so we spent the day indoors.

I'm currently looking into hiring a light weight wheel chair so that we can go a little further.

Today he felt a bit better and made it out to the car and down to our sanctuary 'The Sunshine Cafe'.

Here he is, a little thinner after the last fiasco but still able to enjoy a coffee and sandwich.

How's this for a slice of fudge cake, it has crunchy bits on the bottom and is the best fudge cake I have tasted.

Another peek at the arty stuff.
A little corner of hand made items for sale.

I recently treated myself to these earrings from the corner , so unusual and pretty.


Wednesday, 13 October 2021


 Here in Brighton and Hove on the South Coast of UK we are experiencing a strike by the Refuse Collectors.

Not sure what the cause if this time, probably money that's usually the root cause of things.
Let's hope it's solved pretty soon.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021


 We are still battling on here trying to get Tom sorted out.

After getting the prescription from the paramedic there was no improvement and so I called in the Respiratory Team.

The Nurse who came was absolutely wonderful, he checked Tom all over and said that one of the prescribed drugs given by the paramedic over the phone was useless and prescribed another that has helped a lot.  He has also given Tom a course of steroids as his appetite was nil.

This was not suggested by the Paramedic because of course he couldn't see Tom and didn't carry out any checks.  

I'm pleased to say he is a lot better now and we are going to get a plan together with the Respiratory Team for care in the future should he get another infection.

Also he doesn't want to end up in Hospital with possibly another lockdown where we wouldn't be able to visit etc.

All this has been like wading through treacle with me making all the moves.

Another rant over again, lol


Meanwhile here is a picture of my friends cat Pearlie Rose.

Sorry about the picture quality, I shall have to have a word with her, lol

She has rehomed her from a cat sanctuary.

She is a rag doll cat 14 years old.

The funny thing is that she wasn't too keen on being picked up or sitting on the lap but my friend has discovered that if she sings to her she goes all soppy and becomes more friendly, who knows why, something from her past maybe.



Monday, 11 October 2021


 When we visit our lovely café we buy a newspaper.  It's the only time we buy one as I don't like the doom and gloom in them.

Tom reads the paper and I have the puzzle pullout page to do the crossword, then when he's read the paper I pass the crossword over to him to complete the hard one's that I couldn't do and I skim the paper.

No wonder he couldn't finish it.

The clue was

The colonel's name in the game of cluedo.

I'd put CUSTARD, lol


Friday, 8 October 2021


My Son sent me this link.

No need to watch it all if you don't fancy but I love this.