Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The last couple of days have been miserable and wet and so all of the moggies are a tad fed up.

So, lets make them some tents.

One each end of the sofa, that will keep them happy, good ambush places...
Never mind if we need the throws, we'll put on extra jumpers. lol
On the knitting front, I have just completed a pair of socks for Tom

Bit multi coloured but he doesn't mind.
I found the yarn below at the car boot the other week, 2 skeins for £2.00.
These 2 skeins will make a 2 pairs of socks.

When I got home and looked it up the retail price for this yarn is  £15.00 per 100gms
Knock me down with a feather, I would never pay this much for 100 gms of yarn.
I thought it looked so pretty but as I'm knitting it up it's not looking so nice.

It will do though for the winter, keep my ice lolly feet warm.

Finally here's Rupert showing off his £1.00 car boot bargain.
The cat's are supposed to rub themselves on it but he's the only one whose shown interest and that's only as a picture frame...

Sunday, 4 October 2015


We recieve a monthly magazine through the door and inside there are usually some interesting articles.
I thought this was very interesting and Mr.Ratty looks so cute in his harness.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Our little car is not new by any means but it gets us from A to B.
The front seats were past their best and needed some new covers.
Luckily last week we found what we were looking for and they cost just £1.00, yes honestly, new,still in the nice plastic zip bag (this was as good as the covers, I'm sure there's a use for this lovely bag somewhere. lol)

Ta Da.... not everyones choice and I'm sure the neighbours think we've finally tipped over but we love them and they serve the purpose.

Sun's out, and it looks like it will be good again tomorrow, roll on the car boot, let's see what the next quirky thing is I can find, ha ha.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

3 holer, some 1 holers + lilac frilly one.

some more bits for the coral reef, these little bobbles are going to be clustered together and in my mind I have the idea of a padded bit to represent a rock that I shall arrange them on.

After looking coral reef up on google I noticed that some of the bobbles have more than one hole, so voila, I am now making a 3 holer.

 This ruffly bit is going to get some pearls on it, I can't resist pearls on everything.

Even wearing some today, looks a bit posh but have got to the stage where I don't care.

And then there's this to contend with, spread out all along the desk where I am working, she's even got the cheek to burp every time I brush her fur.
Mmmmmm, maybe I ought to find somewhere else to work, she'd like that. lol

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bits and Bobs and a smug Cat.

Lovely sunny day today and so Tom is giving the Bijou shed a coat of paint for the winter and hoping that the rain holds off long enough for it to dry.

 Still a few flowers holding on after the wind and rain,  Kitties rose has been really good this year with lots of lovely orange blooms.

This Begonia is 4 years old now and keeps coming back as good as ever, I shall put it into the shed when it has finished and see if it returns to us next year.

 Freds rose has gallantly thrown off some more buds but I'm not sure if they will come to much, it will all depend on the weather.

Again, this Begonia is also 4 years old and I shall try to keep it for next year.

 I've made some more bits for the coral reef wall hanging and I am waiting for some stamens to come in the post for the centres.

And then of course the obligatory cat picture.
Rupert in the lap of luxury on a velvet cushion looking very smug. lol

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Time flies and it doesn't seem like over 2 weeks since I last posted but I have not been idle and below you can see the finished stuffed crochet hearts.   They actually hang in the kitchen door window but I couldn't get a good picture with the reflection of the glass, so Mr.T had to stand on the chair and hold them against the wall for me, he complained that his arm was aching holding them out but I took no notice, lol

Browsing the web for crochet ideas I found the Hyperbolic Crochet coral Reef Project, the colours immediately appealed to me and so I had a go.
Here's my first attempt at a bit of coral, more to follow hopefully.

and of course I must include a cat and here's Rupert giving me a steely stare.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Both machine covers are on and in place, one I have to tell you already has a sprinkling of hairs as Willow thought it was nice to rub up against it, still that's what they are for.
I wanted to put some tassles on each corner and I knew that I had a bag full that I found in the car boot, but do you think I can find them? no, I obviously threw them out in one of my mad clear out's.
Do you ever throw things out and then wish you'd kept them?

Here they are finished,  I think they look a bit like a couple of large toasters. lol

Now for the new idea.
I've been making stuffed crochet hearts and have an idea for using them.

Here they are with the other things I need to make this item, any ideas?

Finally, the rain is still pelting down here this morning and I can tell you that there are 5 furry beings that are not happy.