Wednesday, 30 July 2014

£2.00 CAT BED

On Sunday we picked up a new cat bed for just £2.00, the seller told us that their cat refused to go into it but for just £2.00 it was worth giving it a try with our lot.

Mummy Polly was the first to try it out and found it "quite comfortable thankyou, now go away I don't like you taking my Picture"

 Rowan was next, being bigger than Mummy she has more of a squeeze laying down  and despite lots of name calling refused to look at the camera. 

Rupert though, still prefers his dog roll box even though most of him is hanging out in this pic.
Princess and Willow have shunned the new bed so far only going so far as to give it a sniff....

Monday, 28 July 2014


This morning we had the longest thunder storm that I  have ever experienced, it must have gone on for at least 3 hours and is expected back later in the day.
I texted my daughter for a laugh telling her not to be frightened this morning as  I knew she would be on her way to work and she hates thunder storms.
She rang me later to tell me that by the time she got to work she was soaked through, but the worst part was that she had moisturised her feet after a shower that morning and combined with getting soaked through her feet started sliding about in her shoes, by the time she got to work her feet were killing her.
To make matters worse, a bus  went passed and shot a load of water over her from a large puddle, I think you'll understand that she wasn't too happy.
Call me cruel, but I saw the funny side of this (luckily she did too ) and I'm still laughing when I think of it now.

Saturday, 26 July 2014


I've been playing around making crochet shapes.
Nothing really in mind for them at the minute but I know that they will all be used for some project.

I got so carried away making these in cotton 4 ply that I ordered a book on Irish Crochet Motifs and am now moving into making them in white size 10 crochet cotton.

I'm not sure how I manage to do these fiddly crafts because I'm not a patient person in most things but I can happily sit and fiddly with fabric and yarn.

A bunch of grapes coming along nicely

Fan effect

And a nice swirl.
These would look fabulous on a crazy patchwork block so I will probably add them to my other stash of small motifs.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Bijou garden is bursting at the seams, if things get much bigger we'll have a job to get in the gate.

Above there are bussy lizzies, geraniums, lobelia, everlasting sweet peas and begonia, all blooming away.

Blue Angel clematis is giving its all as it always does, this wonderful plant will go in blooming well into the Autumn.

The pound shop rose, name unknown, is also once again giving us bloom after bloom with no trouble.

This is Compassion, a climber and smells gorgeous, so far we've had about 8 blooms.

Simply the Best is the rose planted to Remember our lovely Kitty but it's struggling this year, the buds seem to be getting stuck.  Any ideas as to why ??

This viola is a first for us and looks lovely as well as smelling wonderful in the evening

 The basket is a lot fuller than when I took this picture but I shall definitely get them next year.

We must be doing something right in the garden as we have attracted this little monkey.  I'm not sure if its a cricket or a grass hopper, any ideas ??

Lastly, Princess wants to give you all a wave....

Friday, 18 July 2014


Here in Brighton and Hove we have the only Green council in the u.k.
They do not excell at everything but one good thing they have done is to introduce wild flowers into the middle of the roads.

As you can see they have been planted with a selection of wild flower seeds so that there is a succession of colour all through the summer, and of course the bees get lucky as well.

And on the seafront an explosion of Poppies instead of the usual annual flowers.

Notice the beautiful Regency houses in the background.  Hard to believe that 1 family used to live in each of these with of course a host of servants.  Today they are all converted into very grand expensive flats.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


How can we tell if its really hot?
Just take a look at the cats. lol

All laid out trying to keep cool under the fan.
Rowan on the chair,  Rupert on the piano, Polly under the piano stool and Princess in the door way.

And here's somthing I didn't know,  Daddy long legs like cat food....
This one spent some time sucking up teeny bits of jelly from Pollys left overs.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


It's been a while since I posted but I'm still here, just not in a blogging mood but I have been keeping busy with my crochet and have now almost completed the 'Cafe Creme' scrumble picture.
I am going to make tiny holes in the back of the cup and saucer and pad it slightly to raise it up and then the bit I love most, the beads.  After that all there is to do is mount it into the picture frame.

Apart from the picture I am having a lot of fun trying out new crochet techniques and learning more stitches.

Above is a piece I found on Sheruknittingcom utube, there are lots of exciting new stitches to try here.
Here I've done some of my own designs and the buttons are again found on the above site.

And finally, no post is complete without a cat or two and here is Princess and Mummy Polly sharing MY office chair.

And a lovely pair of legs belonging to Willow.