Sunday, 31 January 2016


Fire Scrumble Wall Hanging finally finished;.
One of my Grandsons wrote a comment on face book saying that he thought I must have been on  'Acid' when I made this.
Now, since I lived through the sixties I know full well what he's talking about, ha ha, but the only acid that has ever passed my lips is the boiled kind, as in acid drops. lol
But, I see what he means.

I've posted more pictures of this on my other blog if you fancy some close ups.

Several spats from the Moggies this morning, don't know what is going on, must be the weather!

Thursday, 28 January 2016


The fire scrumble is now just needing the edge of the hoop covering and I shall unveil it.

But I have already started a new one mainly in pinks and creams and the above piece is the product of one evenings work.  

Some crochet and some knitting, this one is being made by adding pieces as I go and not sewing onto calico,

You can see more pictures of this piece over on my other blog or click on the badly made pink button on the sidebar.

 Now here's a new thing, Polly cleaning Willow.  
Willow can't believe her luck and is keeping nice and still in case Polly decides that she doesn't like her and gives her a bash.

 Cleaning over and a tentative moment for them both, pleased to say it didn't end in a spat.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Finished and perched on Tom's shoulder is one little monkey.
All made by him except for the eyes and eyebrows, he had a little help with them.
It's always difficult to get faces just right but I think this little monkey looks just fine.
Didn't he do well ???

Wednesday, 20 January 2016



Just lately we seem to always have something going on, Dentist, shopping etc.
We are both not good later in the day and in the evening the light isn't good enough. 
So this morning it's a beautiful day and Tom is putting the finishing touches to his monkey.
The rays of sunshine are accidental but look lovely.

This is his next project, a puzzle dinosau.

The pieces fit together.

I have just posted on the Scrumble blog if you are interested in crochet.
Fire Scrumble is almost finished.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


This afternoon I decided that enough was enough and I had to sort out my yarns and get rid of some.
But I can't !
I definitely need some kind of counselling because I am an woolaholic.
I look at each ball with love and see just what I could do with it.
When I do my scrumbles I need so many shades of whatever colour it is I am working with, does this justify having all this yarn ?

Am I the only one like this or are there others of you out there?

The thing is that there is more in the cupboard in the small bedroom.

I don't smoke or drink and very rarely go out and this is my only vice, there  is a voice inside my head telling me that it's okay to have this much yarn.


All of it has been bought from charity shops or car boots so not a lot of money has been spent.
Another voice telling me its okay. ha ha 

Well, what do you think?