Monday, 24 April 2017


I was reading an article this morning on the east end of London and the writer was mentioning coloured cigarettes that his Mum used to smoke.
This got me thinking about my Mum and Dad and Brother who all used to smoke.

These are the coloured ones, looking really harmless and fun but of course they were lethel like all cigarettes.
Tom remembers having to deliver 100 of these each week on his paper round to a lady on the route.
I don't think children would be expected to do this now.

These Player's Navy Cut were my Dad's choice and he used to almost eat them.
I wonder how I survived as in the winter the room was completely fogged with cigarette smoke but we took no notice of it.
I might add that Dad died at a young age probably due to the cigarettes.

Weights were my Mums favourite and she would get me to go over the shop to buy them for her.  I can see her with one in her mouth while she did the housework and only taking it out to tap the long ash end off .
Again they did her no good at all as she suffered from lung problems in later life all due to the smoking.

Lastly we have the Senior Service.  These were my Brothers choice.
He had a triple bypass in his 60's most probably not helped by the fact that he smoked like a chimney.

Thankfully, even though I lived in a house full of smokers I have never been drawn to the habit.  I tried it when I was about 16 once, but never again and Tom stopped smoking years ago.

There, a post on cigarettes all bought on by reading about the east end and coloured cigs. lol

Saturday, 22 April 2017


I have just found a out a really interesting fact about pigeons that I thought I would share.
They are one of the few birds that are able to feed their offspring with milk produced in their crop.
Both male and female are able to do this.
This means that they are not reliant on berries or insects at any particular time of year and can mate pretty much any time.

You can read more about this here.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


I took this picture a few years ago when we were working our allotment, it has always been one of my favourite pictures.  I only used a small finepix camera but the light must have been just right.
It is a Horse Chestnut Tree.

Just a few day later this was how it looked with the beautiful new leaves appearing.
These pictures epitomise Spring for me.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


I'm all tidy in the house and ready to make another glasses purse.
I've changed the shape of this one and have ideas to make it on an indian theme.
I have drawn out a paisley, after trying unsuccessfully to resize some on the net,  I was never good with this kind of thing, lol, and have made a start on some purple silk.
I like the idea of the colours, nice and bright, purple, reds, golds etc.

Here you can see my paper pattern and the test purse made from cotton, its a bit bigger than the others and I may or may not put a small tassel on the bottom.

Tomorrow our Grandson is coming down to stay with us for the weekend and the family are going out for a meal in the evening, its my daughter's 50th so special.
Hang on........can I really have a 50 year old daughter, lol

Enjoy the Easter holidays everyone and let's hope the weather holds out.
2 car boots this weekend, Sunday and Monday so hoping to get some more bargains.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Crocodile Owl I made for fun.
I made mine in metallic yarn and adapted it a bit from the pattern but if you fancy making one here's a free pattern link
This one measures approx 3" x 2"

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


On top of one of the wardrobes in our bedroom are arranged 3 cat carriers, two wicker and 1 fabric.
The fabric one will hold 2 cats and the larger wicker will also hold 2 cats, the smaller one is okay for a single cat.
These are used for the vets but also ready at a moments notice in emergencies.
I have always had a fear of something happening and not being able to get the cats out, this way I'm hoping we're covered.
Recently both Rupert and Princess have taken to sitting in the middle fabric carrier and at one time we thought we had lost Rupert.  We called and called, looked in all of the obvious places, under the divan beds (a favourite place) in the nooks and crannies and all of the time he was in the fabric container.  If he gets right to the back of it he is invisible, lol
Not funny at the time.

Princess on the other hand prefers to be on show, or rather likes to observe all of the goings on.

You've probably guessed that the first place we check now if Rupert doesn't come running is the back of the carrier.

Monday, 10 April 2017


This was yesterday's best car boot find.  A Janome mini sewing machine weighing just 5lbs.
This is perfect for my small patchwork projects and can just be picked up and placed out of the way when I want more space.  My big Janome weighs a ton and needs me to manhandle it out of the way.
This little beauty sews 4 various lengths of straight stitch and 3 widths of zigzag and all at the turn of a dial.  Best of all it has rubber feet that mean it doesn't go walkies while you are sewing as a lot of other mini machines do.
If you just want to do a little sewing this is ideal.

I would think that this machine has not been used as it is pristine.
Now the best bit.  I paid just £13.00 and as you can see from the top right hand corner of the box the original price of this was £49.00.
Roll on next week to see what other bargains we can find.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


It's a grey miserable day today.
I  was doing some crochet until someone decided that a spot of lamp bathing was in order and sat down on my yarn.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


This has to be one of my best finds at the car boot.
3 large bags stuffed full of all the things I need for my embellishments.

I haven't been to the bottom of the bags yet but there is so much there.  Fairies, hearts etc.

You can keep all the fancy things in life, this is what makes me happy.

I haven't counted how many little tubs of beads there are but its LOTS, so excited.
I paid £6.50 for each bag.  Sounds a lot but anyone who buys seed beads and charms will know what a bargain this is.
1 pot of seed beads will be 99p  or more, can't wait to sort them all out. 

It was a man who sold them to me who obviously didn't have a clue.  WHOOPEEEEE.


Saturday, 1 April 2017


At last my Mothers day card has come from our Grandson.
It must have got lost in the post because I've been waiting a week for this.
It may seem strange to get a mothers day card from a Grandson but we are very close 
.Family circumstances  meant that he lived with us from the age of 14 to 18 when he went on to Uni.

I love it, he knows how much the cats mean to me and I love this little one in her high heels. lol