Sunday, 26 August 2012


Went car booting this morning and found 2 items I really love.

A papier mache clarice cliff teapot

Open the top and it is a notelet holder.

this really lovely little crazed glazed teardrop pot it just perfect for my occasional rose or poorly lost flower.

More fun in the sink for Rupert, this is becoming a regular thing.
Load up.....

Release ammuition slowly

 Catch with paw...

Polly in upside down position hogging my computer chair.


  1. we have hogs here but only the sofas, neither of them will fit on my computer chair, but they do hog the space where my feet want to be. love your "finds" especially the tea pot.

  2. I love that "tea pot"!

    Rupert makes me laugh, he's easily amused isn't he :-D

  3. Nice carboot finds!
    Rupert is so sweet in "his" sink!

  4. Two of ours love to watch a dripping tap...we don't have a draining board...pity!
    Jane x

  5. cute finds. Why is it that cats find playing with water so entertaining yet they don't like to get wet

  6. Ha-ha! Your kitties are so funny! Jingles used to sit in the sink for water but not sure she can fit there anymore. :) That Clarice noteholder is great! Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  7. Love that note holder ...great find.
    I love the antics of cats...we are suffereing from late night bug hunting ....nothing is safe if its between cat and its prey. lol

  8. oh that teapot is so CUTE Briony!!
    LOL about the cats...aren't they just the funniest at times!