Thursday, 13 September 2012

No peace for the wicked

 Mr.T thought he was going to have a few moments with his feet up.
Not so...

 Willow and Rupert decided the narrow gap between Mr.T's legs was just right for them to squeeze into.
Notice Rupert has one eye slightly open just keeping a watch out.

  Other end nicely draped....

Smug look say's...
Ah, that's better, more room now she's gone...


  1. Cats are so endlessly funny! We've noticed that if we have a moment to sit down, its exactly where a cat [or cats] has decided to be.

  2. i have photos just like this of my hubby, only he has not one but 3 dogs and two of them weigh 50 and one 60.. he was buried. love these shots, they all look comfy to me

  3. LOL! They never allow a human to rest in peace!
    Hope Mr. T and Rupert had a good nap together.

  4. So much like home. They pin him to the couch nightly.

  5. They always do this on a hot day, don`t they? Just when you could do without a furry blanket to keep you warm.

  6. oh they are funny. Roobarb will joggle Ellie out like that too LOL

  7. Dont you just love the way cats snuggle in to any space that is warm and comfortable ...well for them.
    I love what you are creating in the post below ....I have never heard of this ....but looks so much fun.xx

  8. Me again ATC's I said I have only started to make them and have not done any swapping BUT when I do want to, I will annouce it on a WOYWW and see who takes it up and then expand from there. If you do not know what is WOYWW, I shall just say that it is a group of crfters who meet on here on a Wednesday to show off their desks and what they are up to....most are paper crafters some are artists and others are sewers and knitters....they also talk about family and pets if they feel the urge. In total nearly 200 arrive at 'Stamping Ground' and you may be visited by 10-50 ladies ...more if your creation/method/story catches the imagination and as you name gets known ...have a look at my WOYWW wk171 post. The number you visit during the week is up to you ...some do everyone ...others 10 0r 20 with method in their madness ...I manage 30 -100 depending on time etc and with little method except to definately drop by those I feel are friends if they are on the link list. Have fun is addictive lol.Hope that makes sense and is of help xx

  9. This so like our house. The cats lie on my husband ...and they are black and white too. :):)