Saturday, 29 September 2012


Meet Sockies, the cat from 2 doors down who has decided to run the gauntlet of 5 cats to get into the lounge and play with a cat nip sausage. 
He was met with a few hisses on the way but nothing was going to deter him from getting to the sausage.

A ha, got you

I'm going to kick you to bits.....look I'm going so fast you can't see my back feet.

Now I'm going to bite you silly...

Oh, okay, I'm sorry, here's a little head rub...

Look at my tummy, I've had an operation, but as you can see I'm still full of beans.

Oooooooo, that cat nip's getting to me....

Phew, that was exhausting, better take a break.


  1. love them ALL but really really love the head rub pic. so sweet and what a cute name

  2. I wish I had one of my own :-D

  3. What a brave cat!
    What someone will do for a sausage....

  4. That must be some great catnip!

  5. Do you grow your own catnip or buy it in? I'd like to make something similar for mine but all catnip in the garden gets destroyed so I have none left for picking!

  6. He's obviously a very determined kitty who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it

  7. I think he needs his own catnip sausage!
    Jane x

  8. I dont know what it is with cat nip and my 2 cats - neither of them bother with it, such a let down!!

    But a fluffy bird toy on a stick, now thats a different story...


  9. That is hilarious! What a cutie he is. Ever once in a while, Jingles still goes at the catnip crocheted mouse a friend sent to her. She would freak if any outside cat decided to squeeze in. :) Hope your day has been a good one. Tammy

  10. Great pics and very brave and determined kitty.

  11. haha, the cat is adorable! hope he is fine now :)i know how cats can play with such objects, they look so cute while doing it!