Saturday, 15 September 2012


Meet the 'Daddy Box', this is a large plastic box that is placed against the back door last thing at night, after the fox and Daddy have been fed outside.

Daddy is the feral cat that loves to come around and mark my back door with his 'perfume' and this box has put a stop to his antics. (thank goodness)

He is the father of the kittens and really such a lovely cat but quite feral.

We have started to put out food for him each night and he in turn is allowing us a little closer.  
At one time he would run away if he just heard the handle on the door but is now letting Mr.T within 3feet of him while he is eating.
I doubt he will ever let us actually pick him up or even get that close but at least I can now look after him a bit more, worm him etc.

First thing in the morning the box is stood on its end to allow our lot to get in and out of the hatch and Princess has made it her special place to sit, of course, as is the way she just started to move as I took the photo, lol

As soon as I can, I'll try to get a picture of Daddy to show you but I don't think he'll take kindly to the camera flash, we'll see....


  1. This made me smile. My neighbour J, found she had attracted 2 cats which she called Mummy and Baby just for reference. As you have guessed, they became permanent family memebers and are stil called Mumy and baby :-D

  2. Good luck with him. I am working on a cat outside that is feral, too. That was a good idea placing the box at the door. I'll remember that for the future. Deb

  3. The Daddy must be a very handsome boy if his babies are anything to go by.
    Jane x

  4. creative idea for blocking the door. where there is a will there is a way, and a sprayed back door would give me the will. great poat

  5. What great way to stop the spraying

    I've just moved and have 3 cats next door , 2 of whom come in to my house sometimes, which is great as I still miss having cats... as you know I get vicarious pleasure reading about yours!

  6. We used to know a lady who had a cat sanctuary and also trapped ferrals to neuter them. She kept a few and actually managed to tame them. She was amazing ...she turned her home into one for the cats..with even a hospital room ...and had only one room that was solely hers. She had large grounds with many trees which were bordered by tall fences that could not let creatures in or out.

  7. clever idea with the box. A win win situation for both of you