Tuesday, 16 October 2012


 Yesterday we both woke up grumpy and so decided to go for a short country walk to blow the cobwebs away.
Just a short bus ride away are the Downs and a lovely walk called 'The Ridgeway'
First stop was the little cafe, no more than a hut, but serving good portions of food and tea and coffee in large mugs, no fancy stuff here...


Here's Mr.T mid mouthfull of a lovely cornishpastie and waiting for me is a large slice of chocolate cherry cake and coffee.  Naughty but nice. lol

Out through the safey gate and on to the ridgeway where they are soon going to be installing grazing sheep to mow the wild flower meadow that goes right across the ridgeway and is a picture in the summer months.

The walk is not long, just enough to feel that you've been out and although in the picture it looks like a hill it is a gentle slope.

Once on top of the slope you can see the wonderful surrounding country side.
As you can see by the clouds it was not a sunny day, but pleasant enough.

Still a few flowers hanging on.

The last of the clover.

Not sure what this is called.

In the distance you can see the windmill.
This is actually someone's home that's been converted.

Here is a natural dew pond filled only by dew and rain, as you can see, we've had plenty lately and it is full.

Closer view of the windmill

And finally back down to pick up the bus again.
Sprawling Brighton in the distance.


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day ... blowing away the cobwebs.Great shots ...amazing windmill home. I LOVE cafes like that ...that pastie looks yummy.xx

  2. A change is as good as a rest they say... going for a walk and blowing the cobwebs away is a definite cheerer upper!
    Jane x

  3. You can't beat the countryside for cheering yourself up. Much better than shopping in my opinion!
    I think your mystery plant is ragwort,hated by farmers and horse keepers but beloved of many winged insects including the stunning Cinnabar moth.

  4. no one could possibly retain grumpiness on this walk, just beautiful, all of it. here we call your dew pond, a retention pond. same thing, it catches the water that is run off. every shopping center or business that builds new now has to dig a retention pond because they are paving our paradise with concrete.

  5. What a lovely walk! i remember watching a program a good few years back now called 'Walk the Ridgeway'. It looked gorgeous, and we've always remembered it as a place to go for a walk one day!

    The yellow flower is 'Ragwort' I think! Highly poisonous to horses especially :(

    Take care lovely peeps.
    Sending you hugs and much love.
    Donna xxOOxx

  6. Forgot to tell you that I knitted a sausage ...instead of 1 strand of aran I used 2 but the right needles for 1 ....iyswim.
    It came out a little fat but nice and tight ...they love the result ....including the kittens... even though is more like a torpedo than a sausage lol ... shall be making more but nearer to the right size this time.xx

  7. What a lovely walk!
    The countryside is just beautiful. I love the dew pond and the cloud shadows on the far-off hillsides.
    Oh, and cake to top it off a good day!

  8. wow, that's a great way to remedy the grumps. That house with the windmill is very cool

  9. That certainly looks like it was a lovely, refreshing morning walk. Hope you've had a great rest of the week. Tammy

  10. I know it well. Love the Devil's Dyke too. It's why Sussex was chosen to become the Garden of Eden.