Wednesday, 24 October 2012



Another scrappy card made from the tiny bits of off cut cotton used in the quilt.
I've just started cutting the chevron pieces with the new binding tool that Mr.T made me and the ofcutts are long thin strips.
I stuck them onto calico and free stitched all over to hold in place.
Then from my stash of bits and pieces I found a couple of leaves and a wire heart.
Hey Presto
Another card.


  1. Stunning and clever xx

    As for cats fighting ...they have the odd spats but there are a few who just dont get on but we dont know why. At night and when we are out we segregate them into groups we know get on and of course we have 5 that go out during the day ....most of whom do not like the others much. Our worst problem is Toto and Smudge. Toto hates him and would eat him given the chance ....poor Smudge cowers and caused us worry at the start, as he gets nervous cystitis but then we realized he was fine and sometimes even taunts Toto to chase him.????? Cats do change temprement ....Sayba was scared of every one for 5 years and used to hide in the corner of a bedroom, only comming out to quickly started at 12 weeks when I tried to give her a tablet ...then all of a sudden we found her comming down in the evenings and visiting us all seperately, for a stroke and repaying us with a wonderful purr... maybe yours will mellow but the feral gene is one that seems to prevent closeness...except when they choose....and some cats HATE being picked up. Good luck xx

  2. You have some good ideas for making cards. Love this one.

  3. It's very nice, and a clever use for the scraps

  4. It is so very lovely! Such a great use of scraps. Best wishes,Tammy

  5. What a great idea to use up scraps! I too am a big time cat lover. I have 6--- okokok, two are not technically mine. But... I feed them and they live in my yard... so I think that makes them mine lol
    big hugs,

  6. Fabulous card...I love it!!