Wednesday, 10 October 2012


 I recently saw a beautiful quilt online that was a chevron design.  Made with multi bright colours just how I like it.
The pieces were cut out with a quilters 'Binding Tool' the tool you use to make nice neat mitres.

Here's the one I found online at a cost of £8.95
Quite expensive for a bit of plastic I thought.

Here in Brighton we are lucky to have a shop that sells all types of plastic tubing and perspex etc.
So we took ourselves down and bought a piece of perspex pictured above for £1.00

Mr.T got his old rusty set square and cut the angle off

Measured carefully of course, we wouldn't expect anything else from Mr.T.......

And Hey Prest, here is the finished item complete with tip cut off and hole drilled to hang it up.

This has left me wondering what other templates I could get Mr.T to make for me.
Who knows we might have the beginnings of a nice little business. lol


  1. Templates are expensive. I was lucky enough that Bernard made me the dresden plate template. I think Mr T could start a cottage industry :-)
    What do you use this one for Briony? Is it for going round corners of your quilt with your binding? I hope you will show it in action :-D

  2. great idea, i am all for saving money, very talented Mr T

  3. Clever! I'm sure he'll be able to save you lots more money with other templates too ;-)

  4. Perfect. A good money saving tip there.

  5. Hooray for a job well done by Mr T. You could make a killing with those hand made templates.

  6. He's such a talented man!
    The template looks totally professional.

    Wanted to comment on the adorable Willow trying to get in the room with you and your quilt. All she wants to do is lay on it to see if it's comfy!
    I love the design and the colors.

  7. Clever Mr T may be on to something could sell them on ebay. The quilt is gorgeous.
    The log cabin pattern I found on u-tube. xx

  8. Now that's brilliant when you can create just what you need. Bravo to Mr. T. Best wishes, Tammy

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  10. I think Mr T and I must have attended the same 'money saving school'. Is there an outlet in B'tn for hand made quilts? I'd love to acquire some.