Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Does anyone remember the wonderful artist 'Beryl Cook', I just loved her paintings of people in all sorts of ordinary situations.
Sadly she died in 2008 but not before she had painted many,many great pictures.

These three pictures are actually jigsaws mounted on boards and they hang in my kitchen.
I can never look at them without getting a smile on my face.

Slightly faded now as they've been hanging there for a few years, but I can't bear to part with them.
Notice that there is one piece missing on the top left hand corner of this one.
Guess who pulled that off?  
Well, whose nest is on the top of the freezer right next to the picture?
well it must have been  Princess. lol

Nightclub stripper.
Just look at those legs. lol


  1. i love the fur coat and high heels i the first one... bad princess

  2. Oh, I LOVE Beryl Cook's art. My friend and I began to collect her postcards/birthday cards when we we in the sixth form and then sent them to one another at every opportunity once we had left school and went our separate ways.
    Jane x

  3. I've never heard of Ms. Cook, but it looks like she had a quirky sense of humor!

  4. Oh my gosh! That last one is hilarious! I've never seen puzzles like that before. What did Princess do with the puzzle piece? Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  5. What wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm not familiar with the artist but I like them, fun paintings

  7. Beryl Cookes paintings always make me smile
    Julie xxxxx

  8. I love Beryl Cook, I have several prints of her paintings, always lots of humour x

  9. really these jigsaws made me smile:) I haven't heard of this artist, but now I know.Have a nice day! Anna

  10. Thanks for the comment on gluten - I went gluten free just over a year ago on my doctor's suggestion and have felt a lot better. Glad you are finding it works as well.