Friday, 26 October 2012


As predicted the weather has turned cold today and an open coal fire seemed a good way to cheer ourselves up.
We recently had the chimney swept, at the cost of £54, it took the sweep around about 20 minutes to do this but as it had not been swept for 2 or 3 years we thought it best.
Mr.T has in the past swept the chimney but he did have a few disasters, like pulling the rods back down with no brush on the end. lol
It took him the best part of the day getting the brush back down, and had to resort to a bent fork on the end of the rod in the end.
So you can understand why we got the sweep in this time. lol

 There she blows, or should I say draws...
Notice the copper bucket, just got down from the loft and badly in need of a polish.
That's a job for Mr.T tomorrow.
This bucket belonged to my Gran and my Grandad used to polish it each week to a really good shine.

 What could be nicer than a coal fire ?
I can just sit looking at it without doing anything else and not  feel guilty.

Look...they've all retreated to the back of the room until they've assured themselves that its safe. lol


  1. That fire brought back memories of my childhood ... so many papers catching fire as one tries to draw it you make toast on it too... thick slices of bread on the prongs of a long toasting fork ...butter at the ready ...yum. xx

  2. looks like the kitties are not sure about that fire. when they get used to it i am thinking they will be snoozing in the warmth. your mantle and fireplace is gorgeous. we used to heat with coal, when i was a child, but it was i a big pot bellied stove

  3. Hope your winter isn't too cold - still having morning fires here - a pot bellied stove that also heats the water.

  4. Nothing quite like a fire. I wish we had a fireplace in our house.

  5. Our cats sit so close to the fire I swear I can smell their fur singeing!
    Jane x

  6. I am loving your fire place! I always wanted to have it in my house.And cats..ahh, don't tell me, I love cats so much! I had a cat who died 3 years ago, he was 17 and he was black and white!!! Anna

  7. Hello, Briony! Thanks for your kind comment in my blog too:) Yes, sure, you can read about the story here
    Yes, surely, we can share craft projects and thoughts. You can follow my blogs if you wish and give some suggestions :)Anna from India.

  8. oh, its been such a joy to read your blogposts this past week whilst here in belguim my lovely lady.:-)

    i will update you with everything when we get back next week.
    very much looking forward to being back in england. lol.
    i only wish we had a fire like yours my lovely ;-)

    love n big hugs,
    donna xx

  9. Very pretty fire-place, Briony. We do with a wood-stove and the cats just wait for that first fire. I have to move our cats back from it and place boxes around so they don't get too close.

  10. Love your fireplace!
    We used to have a coal furnace when I was a child. It made a nice hot fire. Coal was once common here with furnaces and being used to fuel trains, but not any more due to the damage strip mining did to the environment.

    You commented about the fish being in pens on my blog. They are released into the streams when they get big enough. Those seemed to be a nice size. They will probably be going to the streams in the spring before the next fishing season.

  11. There is nothing better than a fireplace and yours is beautiful I wish we had one! :)