Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I'm still plodding along with my scrumble wall hanging and fancied making a paisley shape.
I had a bit of a job finding a pattern so sort of made this one up, I must admit, I started with a pattern found online but lost my way and ended up making it up towards the end, thus I can't post the pattern. lol

Here it is placed in position, not sure if it will end up here, I do tend to change my mind a lot.


I was surprised to get a message flashed up whilst posting these pictures saying that I had run out of space for my pictures on Picasa where they are obviously stored by Google.
I went in and deleted some old pics but didn't realise that you could actually run out of space, I must be naive.  Google offered more storage space but I would have to pay for it.
Does anyone have any info on this please..????


  1. i ran out of space a year ago, and we do have to pay, they allow so many gigs for free, after that we pay. i used mine up fast because i was posting large photos before i knew to re-size them. no way around it that I know of.

  2. I also paid up about a year ago. It was only £5 and I'm still going strong posting pics. I don't resize my pics and take them on a phone. I reckon £5 a year is not too steep.
    Love from Mum

  3. If you keep your pictures under a certain size it doesn't go against your alloted storage space. I'm not sure what the size is though

  4. Hi there, this happened to me and my wonderful son sorted it out, he started me using google + I think, and he made my camera take photos with a smaller size, don't know how he did that.
    This post might help you :)

  5. I intended to make paisly and downloaded patterns and tried..but somehow ti didn't come out very well. but seeing yours, I will definitely get back to it:)I have no idea about space issue on Picasa as I don't use it. however they must be charging for more space..this is how they earn money.
    Have a great day ahead!

  6. Hope you sorted your pic thing. I pay for storage, and as Mum says, it is hardly anything.