Sunday, 18 November 2012


I haven't blogged for a while as I've been in the doldrums.  This happens to me now and again and its not nice but it usually rights itself in time.
Nothing in particular needs to go wrong but I know that I am toooooo sensitive in all manner of  ways. It would be nice sometimes to be a little less bothered by the world around me but I am, so have to deal with it.
Anyway, with that off my chest I am getting on with Tom's quilt and am very near to completion.

 I bought the wadding and the backing.

1 pack of special bent safety pins to secure the 3 layers together

As above.

And I am now in the process of stitching the layers together.
I've decided to stitch in the ditch with simple straight lines, I don't think this much colour needs  any fancy stitching.

And here are the pieces cut out for the next quilt.

2 strips already stitched together.
I'll post more of this one later.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been a bit under the weather recently.

    I love your quilting - I have made quilted cushions, very simple but I love them. But now Im thinking of making something bigger, perhaps a lap quilt as I have seen the most fab charm pack in my local craft supplies shop. And I have lovely but plain piece of vintage curtaining which could be the backing and border. Might be a nice Christmas hols project!


  2. I totally understand what happens to you as I suffer to a lesser degree. My daughter says its a form of depresson but I dont want do anything as it seems to right its self.
    Your quilts are amazing...look forward to seeing it completed ...and the new one is going to be stunning too. Hugs xx

  3. Yep, I know what you mean too...
    As long if it's not too bad every day than it's doable, isn't it?
    The first thing that can do with less attention is the blogging, for sure!
    That can wait until you feel a bit better.
    Anyway: love your quilting!
    Those colours and patterns are amazing! Take care of yourself,
    love from Mirjam.

  4. How exciting, I can't wait to see how you do with the machine quilting.

    Any thoughts about binding? I just used a scrappy binding and rather like it.

    I see you are using Mr T's template, SIlve made several quilts like that, but you probably saw them on her blog.

  5. What a lovely, colourful quilt and your new one looks equally as exciting.
    Love from Mum

  6. Pleased you are feeling better. Lovely quilt.

  7. this is beautiful, glad to see you back, and these are my first ever bent pins. did not know they existed. mine get bent, but don't come that way. hope you are back and feeling better and UP again. and i hope it was not blog land that got you down.

  8. Happy to see you are feeling better.The doldrums are exhausting aren't they.
    Jane xx

  9. I think a lot of us visit the doldrums from time to time or at least I know that I do. Thankfully those times don't last too long.
    Your quilt is looking good and already a new one in progress.

  10. Sometimes we have those times when we are just blah. Happens to the best of us. You are making good use of your time with those lovely quilts. Have a wonderful week. Tammy