Friday, 14 December 2012


Its Jigsaw season again and as there isn't anything worth bothering with on the tv at them moment Mr.T and me are spending each evening on them.  That is, when we are not halted by the Mean Machine/ Princess.

 I'll give her my really mean look, this usually has them all quaking. 

Okay, I'm sorry, look its a bit softer now.

Still, I'm not going anywhere, I fit in here just right

Better put a paw into that corner just to make sure she can't get the pieces out. he he.

That's it now, fast asleep and I know she's far too soft to move me now......


  1. I love this, so cute, my favorite is the PAW shot... my question is, how do you keep the mean princess off the puzzle you are putting together?

  2. You are very brave to attempt puzzles around cats! They just love those little pieces that they can skitter all over the place. I can see mine laying on the work in progress and pushing it all out of shape.
    My Mom has always loved doing puzzles, but because of the little pests, I've not done many.

    I think Tom's quilt is just lovely. I'm sure he will treasure it! I hope since it turned out so nice that you will make another for yourself.

    Take care! Try not to let the holidays bet you too stressed out.

  3. So you had to watch TV then!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. We've given up attempting them in our house!
    Jane x

  5. Darling cat! Cats have the most imperious ways, don't they--how dare we think of disturbing them?
    I like your new header of the bright and lovely quilt!

  6. haha, they are the same everywhere, those furry friends!
    I also like your new header....:)
    Have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  7. That's funny. Don't they just love lying in boxes. I was trying to sew and Heidi lay right across it, I always worry about cats picking up needles.

  8. As everyone else said - just love the header - as for Princess. cats know who is boss don't they.

  9. Does your cat ever remove puzzle pieces and hide them away? Such cute pictures, and a sleeping cat always looks so innocent, even when they are asleep amidst the evidence of their mischief!

  10. That's so cute. At least you don't have to worry about any of those puzzle pieces blowing

  11. How cute ...boxes no matter the size matter the contents ... are a cats heaven ...our Willow was found in the tinsel box while we were sorting decorations !!!

    Re your comments on retail ...we had chairs in every department ...incase they were needed. Although it was the 80's when I started there and its decore matched was actually a shopping experience of the fifties or even earlier. Have a wonderful Xmas xx

  12. Forgot to say that the quilt is gorgeous ..a work of love ...and I can see why you want to keep itxx

  13. Ha-ha! Same thing happened last year when the kids and I played Yahtzee. Jingles sat herself in the box even though it wasn't quite big enough to lay down in. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

  14. This so reminds me of the little black and white madam of a cat we had from the mid 70s and through the 1980s. She would sit in the jigsaw box and hook up the pieces, then have a good chew on them. Dear Dad gave up on jigsaws. She also ruined any game of chess by marching across the board.

    It was 2003 before Dad got back to doing jigsaw puzzles!