Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Today we went to the Library and walked through the Royal Pavilion Gardens to get there.

Our Library is a massive new large glass fronted building and lovely as it is I pine for the old one that was housed in the  Royal Pavilion Stables.

 This is a stock photo of times gone by but the building is exactly the same as this.
Imagine how grand it was to have such a magnificent place to house your horses.
Inside is just a beautiful and the Library was somehow better.

Just behind the snowdrops more green shoots waiting to sprout.
Is this early

And I leave you with the cat from along the road who always greets us doing his best pantomime cat impression of a sweeping bow.




  1. love the kitty and i am with you, the old one would be the best. but that said, the new building is beautiful

  2. What a friendly neighbour to greet you like that ;)
    I would love to have a library that big nearby! But old buildings do have more charm, I agree... Especially for libraries!

  3. The old building looks very stately and I bet it was gorgeous inside, but the new one looks stunning and I'm sure it too is a lovely place.

    Clever cat :-)

  4. Sorry, the new modern building does not impress me in the slightest - the old one looks wonderful.

    Love your neighbourly visitor.

  5. As elaborate as some of the new buildings can be they just can't compare to the fabulous architecture of years ago.
    Love the shot of the cat. He's quite the show man