Thursday, 20 December 2012


As anyone who read this blog knows, I am a bit of a fabric and wool 'aholic'  so when I spotted these in my local fabric shop I had to treat myself, and I know that I shall have to revisit and get some more after Christmas.

These bright colours were just calling out to me, I can't be doing with dull as my last quilt will testify so I succumbed to these lovely jewels
4 FQ in each bundle at £3.50 is such a bargain means that I got 16 fat quarters of gorgeous cotton fabric for just £14.00

These lovely flower head pins are just the job for fingers that aren't quite as nimble as they used to be.
Also, if he can get to them Rupert loves pins and pulls them out of the pin cushion and drops them on the floor, as a lot of my floor is floor boards they get lost down the cracks.

Just look at this fabulous bundle, I had to keep taking them out of the bag on the way home to drool over them.
Mr.T just looks with a sort of smile on his face, he is used to my affliction. lol

Here they are all laid out for a me to drink in all the lovely colours.
Visit here to see more they are available by mail if you don't have this shop in your area.

And as if this wasn't enough, each bundle is tied with thin ribbon and I can surely make good use of this at some time.

Now, what can I do with the pink plastic bag, ha ha.


  1. Ha! You sound like me. Every little bit can be used for something. I drool over fat quarters too and I don't even know how to sew. I just love all the pretty colors and patterns. Very funny that Rupert likes to pull pins out. Send me you address so I can you a little something by mail. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I'm drooling over your fat quarters too (I hope you don't mind!). Liking the flower pins. I could do with some of those for my clumsy fingers. xx

  3. I can feel your excitement coming right out of the screen and into my morning. this post made me smile, to see how much joy these simple things can bring to you. we all have things like this, just not the same. i got an email from a blogger friend this morning with a tutorial on how to take a different photo and the excitement was just like yours.... happy crafting and i know you will find a use for that pink bag

  4. I wouldn't be able to resist those colours either. They look delicious.

  5. re the Library: There's too much wasted space... they could have fitted two more floors into all that empty space!

  6. Isn't it nice to draw so much joy from a piece of fabric that even your husband felt it. I am happy you found the joy. Merry Christmas

  7. What a great find! Love those fabrics and pins!
    Have fun gazing at them ;)

  8. OOh I clicked on the wrong window and got a blog with a RUDE word in the title. I thought help! that can't be Briony!!
    Phew, wrong window. So here I am and order is restored.
    I love all your goodies, yes another fabri- holic here.

  9. We have a FabricLand in Bristol and I'd forgotten how good their FQ bundles are... I think a trip there in the new year may very have to happen!

    Super colours you have chosen :)

  10. Good for you getting yourself a present. And such a pretty one too. I look forward to seeing what you do with it all

  11. Lovely fabrics!!!
    Those pins are really cute too. That should brighten the sewing room even if it is gloomy outside.
    But we have made it to the winter solstice and now the days will start getting longer even if it is only by a couple minutes a day. That gives me hope!
    The new header with the section of young Tom's quilt is so cheerful. Has he arrived yet?

    Best Holiday wishes to you and Mr. T and all the Kitty Kids from Pat, Zip and our Little Heathens!

  12. OOo, I'm nipping to Fabricland tomorrow!! :)

    Have a fantastic Christmas and a Wonderful New Year Briony!

    Hope Santa brings you just what you want :)

    Love n big hugs,
    Donna xx