Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Remember this butterfly block I started months ago, well it came very close to going in the bin.
I didn't really like the colours, they all looked a bit faded and wishy washy, but as I had already put some beading on it I abandoned it to the cupboard.
Recently I was looking for some other thing and came across it and decided that it wasn't that bad after all and have started work on it again.

Top right corner still to be finished

Few seed beads and sequins

A tatted butterfly from a few months ago and some buttons

And a pair of legs I could do without. lol


  1. That's coming together beautifully Briony. I love the colour combination, it's what I have chosen for my guest bedroom. I'm sure your embellishments will soon perk it up.

  2. ha ha on the legs. love them, both of them... Jake can't reach my keyboard but he can and does knock my hand off the mouse when he wants my attention. i love the butterfly, it is gorgeous, so keep on until it is complete

  3. Ha-ha! Your cats just crack me up! Your crazy quilt block is beautiful! I love the colors ! Good for you picking it back up again. Just go for it! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  4. So pretty! I love the butterfly. My kitty likes to walk straight across my laptop, usually shutting everything I am doing! Nice to have the company though x

  5. It's a little piece of art; nice that you are going to finish it now!
    And those paws are also cute....:) Love from Mirjam.

  6. That's beautiful; the butterflies are great. The paws are beautiful, too; whenever my cat comes in, he climbs on the arm of the chair and paws me and rubs his head against me until I submit! The sewing or computer has to go.

  7. Sometimes you just have to put a project away for a while to get that fresh look at it. It's looking great to me, even the pair of legs :)

  8. I really like your wishy washy colours (your words not mine) and now you have embellished it it looks very good