Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Crochet ball necklace.

In my spare moment over the Christmas period I played a bit rather than get the patchwork out and decided to make a crochet ball necklace.
I would rather have had a black ribbon but after rummaging among my boxes of ribbons etc I couldn't believe that I didn't have any black ribbon or velvet.
How can it be that every time I make something I've never quite got the right thing ? lol
Anyway, I can't wait for anything, being the impatient sort and made do with a goldy colour bit.
A few beads from the bead box and a clasp from another box and I was please with the outcome.

So, after the necklace I started to have grand ideas and made another couple of balls, thinking earrings, but by then the fascination of crochet balls was beginning to wain.
I did say in my profile that I was a butterfly crafter so you really can't expect any more from me. lol

The next little project was a teapot, again I had the grand idea of making 3 or 4 of these and stringing them between beads to hang in my kitchen door, but again the butterfly came by and after fiddling about with one I decided against making any more.   What would you do with me ???
I may though, decorate this little teapot with a few beads at a later date, it would just finish it off.
Or, hang it around my neck,  that would get the neighbours talking.  lol


  1. Hello Briony
    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    I'm always amazed at your imagination - its like a bottomless pit that never seems to run out of ideas lol
    Would the teapot be too large to attach to a chain - I'm sure both of those ideas would sell well (if you had the inclination to carry on making them
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. i think the tea pot and the hanging balls would make lovely ornaments for a tree... you are a very talented butterfly...keep fluttering. i get bored with what i do. i do that in photoshop. i will learn something new and do it until i am tired of it, learn something else and forget what i did until i see it year later and think, i know how to do that

  3. Briony, I saw something you could make. It was a crochted xmas pud, with a little holly and berry trim the top. Inside was a Ferrer rocher choc!

  4. You have inspired me already.i am going to try and make a necklace like that.Blogland is great for inspiration.

  5. Oh wouldn't a garland of those teapots be lovely! I can just see it. But no time and the handle looks tricky. Actually I do have time just not the energy and there are about 50 other things I want to make first....

  6. I can perfectly relate to the butterfly syndrome. I've had grand plans that changed because I just get too bored with things.
    I do like your necklace and the teapot is so cute. Is it small enough to be a brooch?:

  7. I like playdays. Your little teapot is sweet, maybe make a whole tea set, ha ha.