Thursday, 24 January 2013


At the top of our Road there is a large playing field belonging to the College, it's usually got flocks of Starlings, Seagulls walking on the spot or maybe the odd Thrush or Blackbird on it but today we were so excited to see the Redwing back again.
In the past I have seen these very pretty birds on this field but not for many years so it was really lovely to see them back again.
There must have been at least 200 of them feeding and scattered about the field.
I understand from reading about them that they are from the Thrush family.
Smaller than a Thrush but at first glance easily mistaken for one.
I can only think that because of the extreme cold they have travelled south in search of food.
Apparently they are quite delicate and if they are unable to find enough food it is not uncommon for large numbers of them to perish.
So lovely to see so many of them, it's made my day.......


  1. I'm so pleased you showed this photo. We had a bird like this in our garden eating weed seeds and we got quite a good look at it, but couldn't work out what it was but I'm sure now, it was a Redwing.

  2. It has beautiful colouring. Amazing how they travel in search of food.

  3. How lucky for you to be there at just the right time to see them. :o)

  4. Lucky you! We get Redwings and Fieldfares in the garden. They flock in the surrounding fields and woods. Very similar. Usually too far away to tell the difference except when they fly. Redwing lives up to it's name.

    Mystery may be solved. We think the lines were caused by ice falling off a nearby power line.

  5. anyone reading this comment, if you did NOT enlarge the photo, go back now and do so... Wow, this is an incredible shot of a precious bird. i love the ice on the apple and the colors and detail in the bird. good job

  6. such a pretty little bird,how wonderful to see them in such large numbers. Akl I get these days are sparrows and starlings! if lucky might get a visit from a robin and the blackbirds come and go.

  7. I love watching sweet little birdies. One little chickadee actually came and landed on the top of our balcony door that was open and I thought, oh no little birdie, please don't fly all the way in -- the door opens into the tv room so if he got inside, how would I ever get him out, and Jingles would have gone spastic. Thankfully, he headed back out after sitting and looking around for about 30 seconds. Sure wish I would have had my camera handy. I like your header photo -- Pretty quilt in lovely colors. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. That's the great thing about Winter, you get to see some lovely birds that you wouldn't normally see. We had Fieldfares and Redwings a couple of winters back and it was a real treat.

  9. I rarely see Redwings here, but as you say the are such beautiful birds. I love that photo too :)

    have a lovely week lovely lady. And wrap up warm xx