Monday, 14 January 2013



I know you'll all love this twirly scarf that I am knitting, its so novel and so easy to make, just 20 stitches and one large ball of dk yarn.
I had this multi coloured one in the basket and as it happens it is looking really nice.
I found this pattern on Cheryl's blog, you can find Cheryl here along with lots of other interesting bits and pieces.

These socks are a try out, knitting socks on 2 needles instead of my usual set of 4 and using all my odd sock wool left over from previous socks.
I don't think I would make them again, they are a bit lumpy and don't fit so well and not really that much quicker or easier in my opinion, but hey ho, another pair of socks will not go amiss.
Notice the small needles, so much easier than long ones for small projects.

Can't do a blog without including the kids, lol
Here's a make shift play house for the little monkeys.

Photo's a bit hazy but you get the idea, Rupert and Rowan hiding under the piano stool
ready to pounce.  Keeps them occupied for a little while.


  1. Pretty scarf and those socks are so cute. Anyone would love a pair of those. I do the same; make little forts for Audrey and Annie in the office to keep them occupied so I can use the computer in peace. Deb

  2. you are soooo talented... and even building cat houses... woo hooo great idea.... having pets is just like having children except with the pets we can leave them home alone... and they don't wear clothes.

  3. I love the colours in your whirly scarf.

    Cats love "tents" and boxes don`t they?

  4. Love the scarf and you only have a few stitches on your needles instead of two or three hundred!! Will have to check it out, thanks for sharing. The things we do to keep our furbabies happy!

  5. That's very pretty yarn you are using. What is it ?

  6. I love your scarf. Great colours. Thanks for the link. Until I found the hexi puffs I was considering using my leftover sock yarn to make a pair of socks. Your socks look fabulous. Kind of wish I had now, except I do love the hexis.

    You learn something new every day. I didn't know cats liked forts, just like children.

  7. The scarf looks great.I'll pop over to that website to have a look.I don't think I could be bothered doing the socks though.Our cat is in to bags.he just loves getting in a bag and going to sleep(after a little play)>

  8. Belated Happy Anniversary!!!

    Wow! 49 years!! Congratulations!!

    I hope you had the most fantastic day lovely people :D

    I love your teapot!! That is just so sweet, and your Retriever, sorry, I mean Willow :D

    Have a lovely week my lovely, and hope you aren't too bothered by any snow (unfortunately we're not :( )

    Love n a great big hug,
    Donna xxOO

  9. If only grown-ups were so easily amused LOL

  10. Love the scarf; will have a look at that attern, I mean Pattern (crumb under P!). I made hubby a pair or not a pair, two socks to wear at the same time, out of all my oddments; plain green tops, heels and toes and 10 row stripes of whatever in stripy wools. He loves them; he can't knit though, so is easily impressed. Cats in cathouse; how long did they use it for? We bought ours a scratching post (as an alternative to the Loyd Loom furniture) and and he spent longer in the box than he has on the post!

  11. OOOOH I love the scarf. I wish I knew how to knit.
    Clever idea with the play house for the kids :) I wonder if Duke would like that, probably

  12. with the weather we are having at the moment the scarf will come in very handy, I wear one in the house when it is cold and it helps keep the neck arm as toast.

    I can see the mischief in the eyes of your 2 cats

  13. I love the swirly scarf ....may have to give it a try.
    Our cats seem to create their own tents things they shouldn't lol
    Those sock look as though they could be great indoor socks instead of slippers....have never knitted any type of socks though. xx

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  15. I love your twirly scarf - that is so pretty! And your socks are totally groovy... the colours look great x