Thursday, 31 January 2013


The other day I found 2 large darning needles and the wool ball band that they were stuck into in front of the sofa,  I couldn't think how they got there.

A few days later one of my double ended sock needles was on the bed.
The mystery deepens....

Today I was hoovering my work room and noticed embeded in the carpet square the above item.
It is one of my row markers I use when knitting socks.

Then on the desk I saw this.  A small crochet cat I made ages ago minus some whiskers.

Now who on earth would have done all this.
I can only guess that Rowan has been rummaging in my knitting basket at night and carried these things around the house, she is the one most likely to do this.
I can't believe that she carried a needle onto the bed but there is no other explanation, and she obviously has pulled the needles out of the ball band and played with them.
I have now moved all said items to a safe place, my mind boggles at the vets fees if she should have injured herself.

The possible culprit.


  1. so happy there was not vet bill or injury, but I do have to say, i got a real chuckle out of this and just read it to hubby and he got one to... Baby girl is our mischief maker. we have to be careful where we put our books down, she has been known to chew them. when she was a puppy she did not do this, but at age 10 she started doing all kinds of things, like pulling all the cd's out of the holder and onto the floor, pulling out strings on the rugs by the door and raveling the rugs... i could go on

  2. Oh pretty girl, rather like my late girlie. My previous boy cat used to stand with his front paws in any lady visitor's handbag and have a good rummage. Present boy is a little angel but I try to keep dangerous stuff out of paw's reach; rubber bands, for instance; what damage if swallowed; doesn't bear thinking about.

  3. If that was to happen around here there would be no guessing who the culprit was. Elastic bands, threaded needles, twist ties, fishing gear and balls of wool, if injested, can not only be life-threatening but cost hundreds to remove (and that's with an enema) I don't want to mention the cost of surgery. That's why high shelves are full to the brim around here.

  4. Haha, you should place a camera in your house!
    I love the idea of them playing around in our home and making up all kind of games :-D. Our son regulary has to seach for some mysteriously vanished Lego items....
    Love from Mirjam.

  5. we used to have a cat who stole and carried socks about. I started a "yo-yo" quilt and she fell in love with them, collecting them and wandering around with them in her mouth.

  6. I don't know, that looks like a pretty innocent kitty to me :) Are you sure you don't have little gremlins that are running around your house at night?

  7. I'm with Ann, such a cute Kitty and innocent looking. Polterguists, maybe??

  8. A friend recently had a huge vet bill after her dog swallowed one of those bouncy rubber balls. She's gone through her house, outing all other small balls. I used to have a cat that ran off with tights. I'm sure he thought it was funny.Hmp!

  9. cats are so inquisitive can just picture here rummaging around to see what she can find. Seriously though so glad no mishaps with the needles.

  10. But she looks such a sweetie! :)
    I don't think she is guilty at all :D

    A close shave lovely lady, but alls well that ends well :)

    Have a most splendid weekend dear Briony. The sun is out here this morning, although it's rather windy. I hope it's sunny over there too :)

    Love n big hugs,
    Donna xxOO

  11. It´s crazy,but cats can make this,or not?!?!Don´t be angry with her ;0)
    I am a visitor from germany,i love cats(and dogs,,,and other animals)and i like to crochet.
    I come back.
    Happy Greetings,Ulli

  12. One of our cats regularly brings my pin cushion downstairs to present to me - it's full of needles of all sizes and lots of pins!
    Love from Mum