Monday, 11 February 2013

RE- last post, WHAT ARE THESE?

Thanks so much all the people who responded with m question of 'What are the above items'.

So far I don't think I have the answer..
I forgot to mention that they do not have any hook on the end, they are just like knitting needles.
I Don't think they are anything to do with lace making, I think they are too long for prickers.
I'm pretty sure they are not used for acupucture so I still do not have a clue.
Somebody out there must know what they are.   

Meanwhile I've been playing around with alternative crochet granny squares.

These turn out approx 7cm square worked on a 4.00ml hook with dk yarn.
Pretty don't you think.
The top 4 are daisy
the bottom outside 2 are fluffy flowers and the middle bottom is a daisy just set onto a square made as the above ones giving  a 3d effect.


  1. Liking the crochet squares,, what are you making?

  2. i am a big fan of daisy's so i like your squares.

  3. Hope you find out sometime soon. Those daisy squares are gorgeous some little girl would love a snuggle blanket made of them.xx

  4. I certainly can't help you with those needle looking things. They must be for some sort of crafting since they were given to you with the yarn. Your crocheted squares are very pretty. Have a great week. Tammy

  5. Well, I have a microscope set which has one of those instruments in. I suppose it's for moving tiny objects around on the slide. That's what it looks like to me anyway! I love strange gadgets and wondering what they are used for! x

  6. Could those things have anything to do with working with leather? They look like they could pierce leather for lacing or some such.

  7. well I hope you figure out what they are.
    I like the granny squares. I tried those once before but gave up because mine all kept coming out different sizes. Of course that was shortly after I learned how to crochet. Maybe I could do better now

  8. the granny square look so 3D with the flowers, I have not come across these before.Think I need to investigate further.

  9. I was going to suggest a sewing stiletto. Not sure why it would be so long. Maybe they used it for making holes in mattresses for button ties. I vaguely remember one in my mother's sewing box, but it had a more bulbous handle.