Thursday, 28 March 2013


Yesterday we took a trip to our local Asda store where they are starting to get the plants in.
On one stand I was delighted to find these herbs, good condition,quite large, healthy plants at an amazing £2.00 per pot.
I'm sure that the garden centres would be twice this price and so I snapped up 7 pots and am now regretting not taking more.
I have 2 Lavenders, 3 different types of Thyme, 1 variegated sage and 1 Rosemary.
I think I may be able to split the Thyme's as they are so bushy and will soon thicken up once the weather improves.

Please enlarge picture to see how good they are.
Notice Princess getting in on the picture. 

Also notice the snail shells in front of the herbs.
I have a question for you. Do snails suffer from any diseases?
In my ivy I have always had what seems like 100's of snails, I don't mind them and usually buy plants that they don't touch so as not to have to kill them.  But they all seem to have disappeared and now there are literally none.
Where have they gone? The foxes come each night for the food and I was wondering if they have eaten them, if so how do they get them out of the shell leaving it intact.
I don't use chemicals in the garden so they haven't been sprayed.
It's a mystery, any ideas?


  1. The herbs you bought look wonderful and very healthy. I've been wanting to start my hanging herb baskets too, but it has been so cold... maybe this weekend I will get started.

    And sorry, I know nothing about snails... except that if you put lids full of beer in your garden, they will crawl in and die.

  2. very healthy looking herbs you have there. Re the snails, I am finding lots of empty shells well at least I was before the snow covered them up, the birds manage to get the snails out, not sure how though. Much prefer the snails to slugs ugh they are not nice at all!!

  3. our lizards disapear in the cool months and come back in the spring and summer, maybe snails do that to. i know nothing about snails, and have only seen a couple in our yard here. i know the two we had came out of their shells and left the empty shell. the plants look beautiful and so does the princess.

  4. Gosh, I have no idea about snails, but I do know that you got a bargain with the herbs,they look so healthy.
    I think Princess is looking to see if there is any cat mint in your haul!
    Jane x

  5. lovely looking herbs. I'm afraid I can't help with the missing snails unless, like me, you have chickens that eat them?

    Nikki x

  6. Your herbs look wonderful. I can feel a trip to Asda coming on! Em x (no idea about the snails though...)

  7. I think it's a bit too early for the snails to come out. Once it warms up a bit and starts raining again they will appear in their thousands. Good price for the herbs.

  8. That is a good price and they all look like they will do well. We don't have snails around here. :) I like your new header. Or have you had it for a while and I'm just noticing. :/ Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  9. Lovely looking plants for what sounds like a good price. It is always good to get a bargain.

  10. Great assortment of herbs and great price! I'd love to have those pots sitting outside, waiting for me to plant them. I'd be so excited, I'd probably even go out there and do it in the rain!

  11. Hi,thank you for following my blog.You have some lovely herbs there, I love to see herbs growing in pots next to doorways they smell lovely as you brush past them.Happy Easter to you,love Jill xx

  12. My favourite herb is Oregano ...I have 3 kinds ...I hope mine survived the winter....these look so healthy.
    Had to laugh over the hair ...yep everywhere here too ...can you imagine with 20 ...and tumble fluff too ....not forgetting mine too that seems to shed everywhere.xx