Saturday, 23 March 2013


Here they are finished in two different kinds of fabric.
The white one is made from fleece and the brown from linen, you can see how the size is affected but the fabric you use.
I made a carrot from some felt and added some ribbon for the foliage, the scarf is knitted with tapestry wool. 
I think I have a home for one and I shall keep the other.

 Also occupying my time has been this crochet rabbit.  Tammy at alerted me to this and the pattern that can be found here on this lovely ladies site.

Any one for some more rabbits ???? lol


  1. Love bunnies! I think you have inspired me to post some pictures of my own bunnies for Easter. You may have started a 'bunny thread'... or *Just Cats* may have started one... whichever is fine with me. Great idea!

  2. I'm so pleased you showed them all done. I had a look at the link you posted too, I might make them for the girls, I just need to have a rummage in my scrap box!
    I like how you make the scarf too.

  3. The bunnies are really cute!!

  4. They are so cute ,wonderful bunnys!
    Check my translater now ;0).
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love the bunnies! And the one holding the creme egg is my favourite :)

  6. the little rabbits look much better now, I will take the one with the chocolate... they came out really cute. i like the cotton tail on the crocheted one

  7. Your bunnies are so cute! Isn't it funny how they develop character as soon as the facial features are put on...I have some half finished bunnies somewhere....better go find the poor things...I am not even going to say how long ago they were started....

  8. I've always heard about rabbits multiplying fast and I see from your post that it's
    They are all really cute.

  9. Your rabbits turned out sooooooooooooo cute! And I'm glad to see you crocheted the little bunny, too. I want to make a few more this week. Have a great day. Tammy

  10. some cute bunnies here, trust the cats don`t get hold of them.