Friday, 8 March 2013

Note book cover

I can't believe that it's about 3 weeks since I last blogged.
This winter has been so long and dreary and I'm afraid that I've been a bit dumpsy and not feeling like much at all, but, just a few days ago I received a really pretty card and 2 tiny crochet hearts from Tammy and this really lifted my spirits. You can find Tammy here
and I know you'll love her inspirational and joyful posts.
This card inspired me to embroider a pansy and this in turn led me to decide to make a crazy patchwork embellished note book cover.
Here's the pansy completed that started it all
First I drew the outline onto muslin after measuring the notebook
This is an A5 size book.
Then started to lay down my patches incorporating the pansy.
There, that's the back and front of the book cover. 
Next I basted the patches with ordinary cotton to keep them in place.
Here, I've machined around the area that is the actual size of the book and marked the centre that will cover the spine.
And here are Tammy's 2 tiny crochet hearts that she kindly sent me.
This is the fun bit, adding lace , a bit of tatting and who knows what else I can pull out from the drawers.
I have places a paper frame around the edge to give me more of an idea of how it will look when wrapped around the book.
Watch this space for more embellishing later.


  1. Snap on the not-blogging front! Your crazy patchwork is beautiful. I have a lovely embroidered pansy picture that my Mum did for me many years ago which it reminded me of. It is just awaiting a hole in the wall to move it into my workroom from the bedroom!

  2. Love the crazy patchwork,,,, must get my crazy out again soon.

  3. this is beautiful and i love the colors. i was trying to explain to hubby that i want him to make a kindle cover so i can send it to my daughter in law... kindle covers are expensive.

  4. This is so clever it.
    I also love it when I see that you have blogged ...Take Care xx

  5. So beautiful! Love crazy patchwork, you do so beautifully!! You have inspired me, finally getting my sewing area downstairs and can get all my sewing things has been two years...with moving and everything packed up, finally cabinets moved in and I am unpacking my "stuff" and it like Christmas, finding things I forgot I had!!

  6. Wow Briony! How lovely that the card inspired you to embroider a pansy and then to turn that into a patchwork notebook cover. I love crazy quilting. You've done a beautiful job. It's a wonderful thing when something so simple can inspire. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  7. wow, you were on a roll there. That's looking great.

  8. your book cover is looking good, crazy patchwork is so popular now, I am enjoying learning how to do it.

  9. This is beautiful!

    Just popped in to wish you a wonderful Mothers Day dear Briony!

    You are one of the most lovely Mums I know and I'm wishing you a fantastic day!!

    Will email soon as I have lots to tell you, but not a lot of time at this moment :(

    Love and humungous hugs,
    Donna xx

  10. Oh, I love that your book cover looks so much like spring (which I wish would get here soon!)
    The purples are simply lovely.

    This has seemed like a very long winter and enough to put anyone into the dumps.
    I hope sunshine and longer days give your spirits a lift.
    HUGS and springtime thoughts!

  11. What a dainty and pretty piece of work--that notebook will become a treasure--one of a kind.

  12. I love that crazy patchwork and embroidery - it is beautiful!

    Nikki s