Friday, 15 March 2013


About 11.30 p.m. last night we started getting ready for bed.
Clean teeth, straighted the room a bit take the top cover off the bed etc, check all cats are okay.


She was missing in the head count.
start at the top of the house, search the workroom, spare bedroom, under the bed inside the bed, in the cupboards, nada.
Downstairs, under the sofa, under our bed, in the wardrobes and cupboards, shut in the toilet, in the kitchen.
She was nowhere to be seen.

DON'T PANIC........she must be somewhere.

It was clear that at some point during the evening she had slipped out when we opened the door,  the hatch is always closed for the night as soon as it starts to get dark.
So, we opened the door and called,    still no answer.

Nothing for it but to don coats and fetch torches and go out on the hunt.
By this time we were both getting into a bit of a lather.
We both walked around the streets calling with no reply.
Eventually Mr.T shouted that he had found her right at the top of the road in a front garden.
She never ventures far and I can only think another cat had chased her and she had lost her bearings.
Mr.T picked her up and carried her home without a fuss (normally she doesn't  like being picked up)
I just burst out into floods of tears with relief and Mr.T looked as though he was about to have another heart attack.

Lesson learnt by all of us, check that all cats are in before closing hatch at night and be extra vigilant when opening door.
And Princess has seemingly learnt hers because she hasn't been out yet today.


  1. i was feeling panic just reading this. so happy she is home safe.

  2. That HAS to be the worst feeling ever, so glad you found your Princess.
    Jane x

  3. Horrible fear, isn't it? I did think you were going to say she was found somewhere you had already looked because cats do have any uncanny way of squeezing themselves into hiding places "too small" for them. My old boy B used to hide behind the sofa throw and the scatter cushions on top, without moving the cushions very much at all. He was so skinny (but not unhealthily so) that my husband called him the "flat-pack cat"!

  4. Attila
    I have no way of getting back to you, but we have a flatpack as well, Rupert looks the biggest of the lot but underneath the long fur there's nothing of him. lol

  5. Glad all is safe and sound. I bet she will make sure she is in tonight!
    I bet you will make sure she is in tonight!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. OMG! I can see why you and Mr. T were frantic! I'm so glad you found her! Nothing is more scary than losing one of the kitties.

    Ours are inside all the time and we still go crazy when we can't find one of them. They can hide in the smallest places. Then after we've gone spastic, they come walking out form ...somewhere...and look at us like 'what is all the fuss about?'

    Princess must have really had a scare too since she hasn't gonme back outside!

    Happy Birthday, Briony!
    I hope you have a wonderful day (now that all the kitties are accounted for!)

  7. Oh it's horrible isn't it. I have gone to bed before now after searching high and low for a cat. Only to get up after ten minutes of tossing and turning.

  8. I am so pleased you found her ...I know that feeling of panic that surges inside when a cat is not safe indoors with you.If they run they get confused and then find it hard to get back.
    When we first moved, our oldest indoor cat (my lap cat), slipped out and ran off ... it was awful ...just as I gave up hope...nearly 3 weeks ....she appeared back skinny but had another 3 years with us ....passing at 21.xx

  9. Horrors.....have spent half of my life crawling under bushes yelling "here, kittykittykitty".
    So glad you found her.

  10. Our 6 cats aren't allowed outside. The older ones (19 year olds) used to go out until it wasn't safe for them anymore. Now we don't let even the younger ones go out - too many ferals around these days. (Of course we provide an outside sanctuary for them too.) Anyway, I'm so glad you found Princess. We do a head count at night too...

  11. I can imagine you were really starting to panic, but now all is well again and princess is where she should be back home and looking quite content.

  12. So glad she is back safe and sound.

    I have lost 4 cats - although one just chose anothe rhome so perhaps that doesnt count. They just went out as usual and didnt come back. Weeks and months of searching - nothing.

    I always wonder what happended to the other 3 - its a horrible feeling.

  13. Good Day, I just discovered your blog through Margaret's blog. I am sure your Princess was as scared as you all about getting lost. Your CQ block is very pretty as is your stitching. Lovely knitting and crocheting too. Lets Hope our dreadful Winter weather will soon be gone for good and Spring is right around the corner. Hugs Judy

  14. What a beautiful cat she is, your Princess! I'm so relieved that you found her and she's back home again safe and sound.
    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way - I'm so glad that you did, or I might never have found you :)

  15. Hi Briony, So glad you found her, My Furrball (Lulu) done this to us to one evening Gosh she got locked in a neighbour's shed due to her being so nosey!! Lucky our neighbours are very sweet and didn't mind us knocking to get her home.. It's such a worry when you can't find them!

    Thank you so much for your kind visit to my blog.. I would love to spend more time working with fabric as your creations are Gorgeous...On my wish list to take some classes in the near future!! and to think you only live in Brighton, My daughter works in Brighton, she is in Sussex Police (CID) and loves it she lives in Polegate!! only 10 mins from us... Have a happy Sunday... Hugs May x x x

  16. Phew, glad she wasn't too far away, I always panic when Kneazle isn't in by dark at the moment, it's such a rare occurance.

  17. I have so often experienced that panic over a missing cat--and the relief when it turns up safe and sound.