Thursday, 21 March 2013


I've gone bunny mad for a bit after seeing so many bunnies being made on other blogs.
I found this pattern on Alix's blog here its simple to make, if a bit fiddly but I've made one in Linen and one in fleece, so I have on skinny and one fat. lol

I'll post a picture when they are finished.
My stuffing leaves a lot to be desired, there must be a knack to it, and I haven't got it, they look a bit lumpy. but they'll look better with faces and maybe a scarf or something.

Next is poor old Daddy the feral cat that we feed.
He's getting a bit more used to us and lets Mr.T get a bit closer now, but still runs if you get to within 3-4 feet of him.

Here he is and as you can see his fur in in a bad state, we are giving him cod liver oil each day and I have wormed him and given him some flea pills but as anyone with cats will know the stuff from the pet shop isn't very effective.
I have contacted a couple of vets but they will not sell me anything unless I take the cat into the surgery.
I have flea capsules but they need to be put on the back of the neck and there is no way he will allow that.  So we just do our best.

Just look at that lovely little face.
He's not an aggressive cat and ours being related (for new readers, he is the father of our 4 kittens) actually kiss noses with him.
There is obviously a bond because ours will not let any other cat into the garden.
If anyone knows of an effective help for his fur, please let me know.


  1. Hi Briony, looking forward to seeing your finished bunnies, maybe I can make one for my 2 little friends.

  2. Thanks for the mention and the link - glad you're having fun making bunnies! I left my little colony at the charity shop yesterday, all bar one which I had already sold. Sweet cat - very pretty! Hope someone can help you out over his fur, but sadly, I haven't a clue...

  3. Hi Briony - There are a few things you can try but you will have to just give him a little in his food each day. Brewers Yeast is not only good for the fur and skin but the fleas don't like the taste so tend to stay off the cat. Spiralina is good for his immune system and perhaps will help the skin and coat too. Both can be bought at a health food store. Go easy though. He may turn his nose up to the food if you put too much in it. I would suggest an eighth of a tsp to start with one or the other. Mix it right into the food and perhaps add a bit of warm water to the soft food to entice him to it. Don't put both on or he won't eat it.

  4. i can't help but i will send your post to a really good cat woman.. not batman's cat woman, a real cat woman.

  5. sounds like a good tip that brewers yeast, will pass that on to my daughters who both have cats and one is allergic to fleas.I expect her will soon be coming into the house and making himself at home.

  6. I've also heard that brewers yeast helps. Re: Bloglovin - I saw your comment on another blog about this, Google Reader is not affecting the way you put your posts together on Blogger. It is only closing down how you read your blogs. Bloglovin, Feedly and any others are another way of reading your favourite posts together. Hope this helps. Chel x

  7. I was going to suggest brewers yeast. You will win his trust over time - he looks like a lovely cat!

    Nikki x

  8. What a sweet looking kitty. From the picture it looks like atopic dermatitis but that covers a lot of things. If it is a flea allergy the brewers' yeast should do the trick. There are brewers yeast/garlic capsules available, you could mix it with his food.

    The most important thing is to make sure he is getting good food and has lots of fresh water available. If you can build up his immune system he should be fine.

    My other suggestion would be to either work on getting him tamed so you can catch him or to trap him and get him to a vet for a check up and to get him neutered.

    I hope he gets better.