Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Mr.T has recently finished the Kaffe Fassett tapestry that he's been working on over the winter months.  It's turned out to be a lovely colourful piece and will now be made into a cushion for the cream sofa.
The name of this one, if anyone is interested is 'Fire Flowers'.  
Owing to his careful way of working it will require hardly any blocking.  Thankyou Mr.T, because I'm the one that has to do this horrible job. lol

While on the subject of tapestries, we have just received the new one picked out from the Ehrman site on line and are so disappointed with it.

This is the one that Mr.T chose and we looked forward to it coming only to find when it arrives that the colours were so dreary and NO WHITE in sight.
The petals are in a cream and dark cream, not at all daisy like.

This is the colour that goes in the white areas of the daisy.
I rang Erhman and made my complaint and they were of the opinion that my computer colours were not true, but the actual canvas is left white on the daisies so we are at a standstill on agreement.
As it was costing me money for the phone call and I was getting nowhere sadly we are sending it back for a refund.   As I explained to the supervisor, I have never seen a cream daisy....

On a lighter note, I have dragged out the tatting again.  I do say in my profile that I am a butterfly crafter and this is the proof.  My crochet edgings are still on the desk but tatting has again caught my eye.

This is one of a pair of earrings that I have made, problem is the other one has disappeared from the mantlepiece where I left them over night.
We know the culprit has black and white fur and has had a lovely time playing while we were asleep but where it's ended up, who knows.  We've looked under the sofa, under the rug (a favourite place of Rowan's to hide stuff) but we can't find it anywhere.

This is the piece that I am working on at them moment, it's actually supposed to end up as a collar and has another larger piece to join on the bottom.
I shall probably use it on a patchwork block.
I'll post a picture when I have hopefully  finished it.


  1. I bought an Ehrman tapestry a couple of years ago and was also very disappointed with the colours and have never actually started it.I have done some lovely kits in the past when they had a shop in Church street,Kensington.Now they are based in Barnsley and I wonder if they are the same company.
    I would love to learn to tat but I am left handed and have never found left handed instructions.Yours is very pretty.

  2. that last one reminds me of a couple of collars i had when i was in high school in the late 50's. you are so talented and so is your husband. i agree on sending back the cream color daisy. i love the firey flower

  3. Under the fridge,under the cooker,under the most awkward to get at furniture...THAT'S where you will find the earring!
    I love the Kaffe Fasset cushion! The cream daisies?????
    Jane x

  4. Nice job Mr B, not just a pretty face :-D

  5. excellent job on the tapestry. That is the one downside of ordering things online. Sometimes they don't always look the same on the computer. We purchased curtains online once and the color was way different when we got them. Luckily we still liked how they looked though

  6. Mr. T's tapestry pillow cover is amazing. I love it! And you know how much I admire Kaffe...

    Some day when you least expect it that lovely earring will show up somewhere. Of course They-of-the-Black-and-White-Fur know where it's hiding.
    By the way, I love the tatting with the beads.

  7. a wonderful piece of tapestry done by My T. What a shame about the new one but rightly you are sending it back.Unfortunately these days we can`t just visit a shop and buy as there are so few shops and the ones that are about carry very little stock, just the basic threads, popular kits etc.
    Wonder if the earing has turned up yet, such a naughty kitty! Love the tatting, see you use a needle not a shuttle like me.

  8. I love the colours on the Kaffe Fassett tapestry! I have only done a few bits of tent stitch canvases (from my beloved Cath Kidston book!) and it was so relaxing, I keep wanting to do some more.

    Think I saw that daisy design advertised in a craft magazine lately, what a shame that the colours weren't right. As you say, who wants a cream daisy!!!

    I don't think I've seen tatting before, it looks so intricate and detailed!


  9. Pippa, so nice of you to comment, are you going to do what you said with another blog? I'd love to follow if you do.

  10. The 'Fire Flowers' tapestry is beautiful, I love the colours! Can't wait to see what the collar looks like when it's finished! I'd love it as a necklace as it is too!

  11. Glad you liked the wedding photos ...I have several non wedding posts to do from our stay too.
    I think it is lovely that your hubby does tapestry ...so colourful but I have to agree about the daisy colour...they should be WHITE ...not cream!!!!Had to smile over the missing earring...we have several that steal things ...at the moment they are into Playmobil figures ...they turn up all over the place. xx

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  13. I really want to do the Fassett Fire Flowers needlepoint but Ehrman no longer carries it. Does anyone know where I can buy the chart or could anyone just send me the wool colours and I can do it from pictures? Thank you.
    Charley from Canada