Monday, 22 April 2013


Yesterday I thought I ought to clean the kitchen floor. The rug gets hoovered lots but the surrounding floor somehow gets left.  I always think, whats the point, 5 minutes after its cleaned it rains and is as bad as ever, but it really needed doing.

Meanwhile the ones that cause all the dirt are just lazing about watching the proceedings.
Rowan, who has made herself comfortable on the upturned chairs

 Princess in her usual nest on top of the fridge/freezer

 Polly and Willow surveying the gardens, or maybe wondering where Rupert is.....

Time to call him, I don't like him out of sight too long.
Ah, here he comes, he's been bird watching over in the corner.

 Did someone call ??

You can just see him peeping out from behind the fence.

 And here he is, sauntering back as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.


  1. Love those kitty pictures!
    Especially good of Polly and Willow. Is that lavender in the planter?

    I just sent you a return email and was surprised and happy to see you had posted on your blog.
    Hope you are enjoying somewhat warmer weather!

  2. fun post, love the bookends sitting on the steps..

  3. I wonder what he was really up to?
    Jane x

  4. Cats do make such messes--its good that we love them and fuss over them and hate to have them out of our sight.
    As to floors: I always dread the day when the kitchen floor simply has to be scrubbed in the old-fashioned way on hands and knees!

  5. My cat loves to get on top of our upturned chairs too when I put them on our table to clean the floor. I think its a good view point for her. I'm glad to see other cats feel the same way!

  6. Gorgeous pics, Love your cats... They are funny my cat get on the up-turned chair when I wash the floor too... Hugs May x x

  7. Gorgeous kitties....but carpet in the kitchen?? Gawd, you must be a neat cook.

  8. now I'm feeling guilty about my floors being so neglected :) Like you said though, you clean them and then they just get dirty again. I think I have permanent paw marks on mine

  9. I can see how much you enjoy your cats, they all have their own little characters must be wonderful company but what happens when you try to sew, are they not very curious and want to help?