Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Up with the lark this morning, the sun was shining and I felt spring like for a change. 
Mr.T is crocheting again and making some simple squares so I have to make the cushion covers as the base.
I rummaged in my stash of fabric and came up with some nice bright yellow sail cloth type of fabric, perfect for the covers.
It didn't take long to have the stitched up ready to go.
Just need the edges oversewn and turned the right way out.

And heres Mr.T's square waiting to be pressed into shape and fitted on the top.

He's in the middle of the second one, also in variegated yarn,
Well, until another tapestry can be found its keeping him busy. lol


  1. Gosh, Mr T is a talented man isn't he? I've just looked back on your blog and spotted a tapestry he's done. Amazing. xx

  2. Maybe you can get Mr T quilting, like Lane (Thatmanquilts?) Just imagine, you could make as many quilts as you wanted, knowing the marvellous Mister would take over the ordeal of the quilting :-D

  3. i did not know there are two crafty persons in your crafty cat home... great job Mr T

  4. The sun makes so much difference in the morning. I don't even mind the dawn chorus waking me up.

    How lovely to back someone else's work. A joint project! I can see quite an industry starting up.

  5. I WILL learn to crochet this year!! Well done Mr T.

  6. Well done to Mr T.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Well done both of you.
    Love from Mum

  8. Mr T is quite talented. My husband doesn't have a crafty bone in his body

  9. Witaj-pięknie tu u Ciebie.Pomysłowo,wiosennie i kolorowo.Podoba mi się,więc rozgoszczę się na dłużej,a Ciebie zapraszam w wolnej chwili do Dobrych Czasów.Pozdrawiam.J.

  10. such a crafty pair you are, I wonder who stops and makes the cups of tea!