Monday, 13 May 2013


This isn't a very stimulating post, but I thought it would be interesting to post what I find at the car boots each week, for my own benefit as much as for readers.

Here's a selection of brooches I found for £1.50, these will be stashed away for use in embellishing my crazy patchwork blocks.
Nothing much else to be had this week sadly.

It's tricky trying to type at an angle but she looks so comfy.  This is one of her soft faces, don't be fooled, she's the meanest of the lot.....


  1. She looks adorable <3 great finds, the fan is really pretty xx

  2. so i assume the cat did not come from the boot sale! LOL... she looks like she might bite the finger that touches that keyboard. yet another real deal you found with the brooches. mother collected them, she bought everyone she found at yard sales, which is like a boot sale.

  3. More bargains,,, well done.

  4. I love her white moustache, I can imagine her twirling the ends like an old time villain, while planning her next evil deed hee hee

  5. Love your puss cat!
    We havent been to any car boots here yet, I'm afraid I am very much a fair weather car booter.

  6. good deal on the brooches. I remember trying to type around a cat who parked in front of the keyboard. At least he didn't mind a little shove out of the way

  7. I really like your brooches, that is a very good buy. Kitty's rule, even online! grin!

  8. like you I got loads of very cheap jewellery that I took to pieces, thanks you have reminded me of it will have to search the work room.
    your dear friend looks so much at home sitting there watching you, such great company.

  9. Lovely brooches. Thought it was just me who bought old brooches for embelishments!
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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