Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I know what you're thinking, 'what the dickens it this' and I must say it looks like nothing on earth.
Well, its a tatted tea light decoration pattern that I found on the net.  A lovely Danish lady has kindly put lots of her patterns on for free.
If you are interested you can find her here Now, if you go to this site you will soon see that this decoration should in fact have sticky up bits like a crown, but as I have no starch as yet to make it stiff, mine's droppy downy. 

I think it looks okay like this, in fact I wonder if it would be a bit of a fire hazard if it was sticking up.
So, I'm happy to have my bits hanging down. lol

At night it looks so pretty throwing patterns.
She has some more patterns to try but  I shall buy some Stiffy fabric stiffener for the next one.


  1. So pretty. The orange gives it a lovely glow. I hadn't thought of starch. Maybe you could slide a jam jar inside and stretch the crowns up. Help to prevent a fire and show off all the lovely tatting.

  2. it looks great either way, but i would no use one on a tea light. a real fire hazard i think.

  3. Love the colour,, and it looks so delicate.

  4. It looks pretty but a bit dangerous. Can you find a jar that will fit inside it? Great finds at the car boot sale.

  5. what a delight, I agree think it might be a fire hazard unless the sticky out bits really stand away from the holder. Do you shuttle or needle crochet?

  6. The tatted tea light decoration is really pretty. A whole set of them would look great on a dining room table.

    You did great at the car boot sale. That's a very nice overlock machine. Looks like it's working just fine.
    So what do you have planned to make with it???

  7. well sticky up or droppy down it looks pretty. Very unique and I imagine those shadows it casts are very cool

  8. That is really lovely, but as others have said, a jar for the tea light would be much safer.

    I like the shadows it makes.

    Happy creating ~ FlowerLady

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