Sunday, 19 May 2013


For a long time now Mr.T has said that he fancied trying a bit of patchwork but having only one sewing machine, and the fact that I like to have access to it at all times I have put him off.

So, today we decided to look for a sewing machine especially for Mr.T and luck would have it there were two.  Sadly the first didn't have the pedal and the lady said she had left it at home but would bring it next week, but then we found another.  Not the best make of sewing machine make but it works and at this very moment I can hear Mr.T sewing downstairs.

Here it is. It sews and has hardly been used,  we paid just £25.00 for it.

Here he is getting his first lesson, he want to make a strippy quilt  the same as the one I made earlier in the year .

Here's the first square, a bit ragged but he's getting the hang. lol

Also found a bag containing 32  patterns, some vintage for £1.50, I've got to go through them, haven't had time yet..

On the tatting front.  I've finally taught myself how to tatt with the shuttle and there's no stopping me now.
Here's a few sample patterns that I have worked.  It's slow but somehow compelling and at the moment I can't get enough of it.


  1. When I bought my Elna sewing machine in 2001 I did quite a bit of online research re different brands. I learned that most 'off brand' machines have the main components made by more elite manufacturers. Such is the case with the sturdy older machine which my daughter found at a charity shop for $15. Long may they keep stitching! [Have you warned Mr. T. that patchwork can become addictive?]

  2. Good for Mr T!

    Next thing you know he will want to start his own blog ;)


  3. Good for him! Love the tatting!

  4. What a good idea. A good start to his quilting career, as well!
    And what good finds again. Somewhere among those 32 patterns must be atleast one that will be useful. I really ought to go to one of our local car boot sales!

  5. My DH has a yen for expensive gadgets; I often say "Why can't you take up patchwork?" I bet he'd want the most fancy, expensive sewing machine in existence!

  6. Good for Mr T. Glad you were able to find him a machine.
    Love the tatting you've been doing

  7. I love it that Mr T is interested in all these different sewing crafts. My friends husband knits and my husband cooks, very unlike our dad's generation, who believed these were ladies hobbies. No-one cares about that nowdays, which has opened up all these new hobbies to the fellas. My blog friend Lane makes amazing quilts and he teaches quilting too.
    Looking forward to seeing what Mr T makes.

  8. what a great find and quite rightly not letting DH on your machine.
    Bit concerned who will make the brews now if he is also too busy quilting!!

  9. How do you find all these bargains!! A bag of vintage patterns for £1.50 - fantastic. The one top right of your pic looks lovely.

    And good for your husband learning to sew - looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

    Your tatting is exquisite btw. I would never have the skill to do something like that.

  10. like the tatting, the first and second are my favorites. my hubby can sew, i can not but we don't have a machine. for that price hummmmm i am thinking.

  11. Well done Mr. T. Love your tatting.
    Love from Mum

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  13. How fun that Mr. T wants to sew! I never learned so I'm jealous. Wish I could be there for a few lessons. :) Your tatting is so lovely. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy