Monday, 6 May 2013


I don't know how to contain myself.  Yesterday and again today we went to car boot sales.
I have had some bargains in the past but my bargain of yesterday will, I am sure, never be repeated.
Walking past a stall I noticed a over locker machine peeking out from among odds and ends, I asked the stall holder how much it was and she answered £2.00.  Yes, I know you're all gasping, I was as well.  I asked if it worked and she explained that it had been in the loft for 6 years but was working when it went up there.  Well, I thought, £2.00 is not as much as I spend on a bit of choccy sometimes so what had I to lose.
I bought it home and after a bit of internet help we got it working and it works like magic.
Sorry, but I still think I must be dreaming. lol
I can't tell you how many years I've wanted one of these.

Next we found a box full of thick hessian rope for £5.00.
If you're wondering what we bought it for, its for repairing the cat scratching posts.
Poor Mr.T had to cart it back to the car, it weighed a ton.
there's enough to keep the kitties happy for a few years to come.

Today I found embroidery threads, 2 boxes choc-a-block full for £4.00 and a lot of gold tassles for £1.00

So, you don't have to ask who's one happy bunny this Bank Holiday weekend. 


  1. Absolutely incredible!

    I have never been to a car boot sale, perhaps I should try it!!


  2. Oh my goodness!!!
    What a super great finds!!! That machine for only 2 pounds... I can't believe it ! I'm very happy for you!
    Love, Mirjam.

  3. Fantastic car booty,,, and I thought I was lucky yesterday finding a tartan sewing basket for £2.00!!! Where is this car boot fair of yours????

  4. Years ago when I did a lot of garment swing I thought it would be nice to have an overlock machine. They were pricey and I heard horror stories regarding keeping them in proper tension. As I moved on to making quilts rather than clothing the lure to own one vanished.
    Janome is such a reliable brand--you have surely been blessed! The overlock should be helful when you are making cushions and such.
    I make the rounds of the Goodwill and the charity shops here--sometimes there is nothing I can use--or need--other times I feel that there was loot there just waiting for me.

  5. first i had to figure out what a car boot sale is, I think that is selling things out of what we call the trunk of the car? and if there was not a photo of the over locker, i was thinking of lockers like in highschool that we locked our books in, and trying to figure how one would go OVER and what it would be over... LOL I did recognize the rest of the DEALS you got.. and these are really fantastic prices...

  6. Please touch me (or my blog) so your luck can rub off on me!! Seriously though that is one incredible load of booty. So pleased about the overlocker, they are fab machines and even more fab at £2!

    Looks like you have enough rope there to make your own adventure obstacle course. Maybe you could make one for the cats!!

    Well done

    Linda xxxxx

  7. I can feel your happiness over these bits found over the weekend. I would be thrilled with the embroidery threads. I have no idea what your machine is used for at all. ;-) It looks like a fancy sewing machine.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comment.


  8. I'm in shock. Bargain of the decade methinks. Xx

  9. OMG ....what amazing buys ....those tassels are about £1 each ... and all those threads.. and the scratch post repair kit!!!...but the over locker ...they really had no idea ...their ignorance = your gain xx

  10. Wowee, lucky you. I am in awe!
    Love from Mum

  11. We do you live.........Lucky you with all them buys
    Julie xxxxxxx

  12. What bargains, the overlocked was obviously meant for you!

  13. Talk about being in the right place at the right time !!You can sew to your hearts content now.xx

  14. I think that's what they call destiny! Well done to you for having eagle eyes in the right place at the right time! Enjoy all your treasures!

  15. what wonderful goodies! My friend Sue just bought an overlocker for £150 and thought she did well. I don't think I better tell her about this LOL

  16. Oh what wonderful bargains - I do love boot or garage sales and op shops

  17. what great buys the overlocker is tremendous now make sure you use it, I am afraid mine sits in a corner of the room and only comes out occassionally.
    Wish we had car boot sales near me, must be lovely to wander around and see so many great buys.

  18. Great buy congrats! I would love to have one, wish we had car boot sales here our garage sales are not so great, if I went to the city maybe but hate to drive that far :)

  19. No...Way!!! What a fabulous find. £2 for a working overlocker. Brilliant. You look like you had a good haul. I need to check out our car boot sales again.

  20. Oh my!!! I can't believe you got such a great bargain! Enjoy it :)

  21. I would have fought you over that box of rope!!!