Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Just recently I've got into a slump of doing nothing and all this does is make me fed up and depressed.
But sometimes when I get like this is hard to get motivated again, but today, I decided that enough was enough and I shifted myself into the work room and got a couple of projects finished.
How amazing that just picking up a needle can make you feel like new again.
I know this is the case, crafting keeps me sane and stops me from going down in the dumps, I really must remember this.
Anyway, here are 2 projects finished.

Both of Mr.T's cushions finished.
I sewed the fronts on with invisible nylon thread, great as you can't see it, but  real hell to work with.
The back is just a simple envelope opening fastend with velcro.

Next to get finished was the Butterfly block.  This was started in Jan 2013, so it hasn't taken too long.

All I've got to do now is overlock the edges and it can go on the pile with the others until I think of something to do with them. lol

Here's a few close ups. A few bit of tatting found their way on this block.


  1. Both finished items are really pretty.I love the butterfly block.

  2. the butterfly blocks are quite beautiful.. picking up a needle would stress me totally, my thing is to sit down with photos and software and play...that brings me up and makes me happy. everyone needs something, like your needle work and my photo edits.. some people have no hobby's at all. i think yours is a SKILL not a hobby

  3. what a creative couple you are!

  4. Those crazy patchwork and beaded and embroidered and whatever else blocks are so gorgeous; how about sewing them into a wall hanging? Most of the cats I have ever known would bite or claw off all the raised bits so a bed quilt would be impossible (implawsable?) in your house! Of course you might have to hang it so high on the wall that nobody could see about putting it behind glass, barbed wire, electric fence....or am I thinking of my super-naughty old cat B who would have had it ruined in a week. Present boy cat S is an angel in feline form and it would be totally unscathed if hung on the wall. What would your cats do?

  5. I love your colour combinations in the butterfly block. Turquoise and orange make me think of kingfishers.

  6. I love the butterfly block! The embellishments are so delicate, like butterfly wings.
    Mr. T's pillows are lovely too. Both of you have used such nice soothing summery colors.
    You are both so talented!
    And so are your kitties, only in different ways...

  7. god to see you are stitching again I so agree it helps with the sanity!

  8. I really want to make a cushion like one of those,, and you have given me a few beady ideas for my 'Crazy' blocks.

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  10. Hi Briony
    thanks for the comment left. I just love the piece of work you are doing now some of my fave colours. You stitch so beautifully. like the slow boat to china I will get there one day! I am still at the point of having to be uber practical. you are right plastic thread is hellish to work with but the cushions are pretty hope Mr T does enjoy them (if not am willing to give them a home)! ;)
    chat soon

  11. SO beautiful. I love the addition of the tatting. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the blocks. I've been in a crafting slump too, but I'm just pulling out of it now. I hope!

  12. oh what work you do.


    Oh I like your hair dooo.

    It looks real nice on you.