Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Since making my last needle case/book it has inspired me to make another.
It's an ideal way to use small pieces of tatting to good effect.
Here's another, this time with a heart and little corner pieces, embellished with crystals and a drop pearl.

And yet more small tatted pieces for who know's what ?
I have to wait for inspiration..

 The piece above is made in three pieces. First the white, then the black interwoven and held in place by the ecru.  I think it looks kind of Celtic.

 A simple ecru heart, would look nice adorned with a few beads.

And lastly a couple of Christmas bells, yet to be blocked and stiffened.

I don't know what it is about this tatting but it has me completely hooked, or should I say shuttled?

All of these patterns were taken from the internet and are not my own.


  1. I just read on another blog this quote.
    My soul is fed with needle and thread... and this is true for you. beautiful book. have you ever made covers like this for photo books? they would make wonderful gifts.

  2. Those examples of tatting are really pretty. My mum was a mad keen tatter (does that sound right?!) but I never fancied learning it because I thought it looked too complicated. She did some lovely things though, lots of dressing table mats, those kind of things.

  3. The pink needle case is GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. The needle case and tatting are gorgeous!

  5. You are on a roll with the tatting, I love it. The needle case is really pretty

  6. You are so talented - that needle case is wonderful.

  7. some lovely pieces here, yes you are shuttled!! I do needle tatting so I suppose I am needled!!

  8. Gorgeous needlecase. Like you I have to wait for inspiration to arrive!
    Julie xxxxxx

  9. I love tatting and things to do with tatting too I've made little books to hold shuttles in that are fun. i need to make a little book for needles for chatelaine this reminds me. You did such a nice job. love them all.

  10. Your tatting gets more gorgeous with each project ....that is a stunning needle case. Had to smile at your remark about your son and dressing up ...not sure what he would feel about it lol ...I bet you are relieved he is a nurse not a soldier. xx