Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Don't cats just always know best?

 This is the new game every night when we go to brush our teeth.
Rowan dashes into the bath for a roll about and jump up the shower curtain game.
Guess who's bath is then full of fur?

 Rupert has discovered the coolest place is on top of the wardrobes with the breeze from the fan.

And Willow knows that freshly laundered sheets are just always sooooo cool.
Note the ears just visible on top of the wardrobes.


  1. at first i wondered how to tell Rowan from Willow but saw that Rowan has white on his face, they are beautiful and oh what fun to have companions while brushing your teeth.

  2. They are such smart cats!!!! Makes me wish I was able to do some of this stuff. I love the one black toe, too!

  3. Love them all. Cats are very clever!

  4. Ziggy,our cat,has taken a fancy to sleeping in a frying pan we don't use which is on the top of a very tall cupboard!He also had a ride into town the other day.OH had left the car window open and Ziggy had jumped inside and didn't make an appearance for a few minutes.Imagine if he had jumped out of the open window in town.

  5. So clever aren't they. Which ever cool place one of mine finds they generally get evicted by the other one though!

  6. ah they are lovely! cats definitely know the best places!

  7. Cats are smarter than we are..we insist on doing things in the heat...they refuse to do anything but nap in the cool!
    Jane x

  8. Funny how they get things in to those cat brains of theirs. Love Rowan's nightime routine!

  9. We share the same love for cats... I've got a female one, called Caty (from both the english word cat and the name Catherine). In fact, she doesn't live in my house; I do live in her house!

  10. What is it about clean washing !!!!
    I know cats like to be cool so why do they sit in the sun. Mine chase the sun round the house and bask on window sills...and get up almost sweaty from having thich coats on.
    It has been a wonderful summer but now we are wet ... but still
    Do you have trouble with night hunting of insects?? I lie and listen to things being knocked to the floor when they get in the way of a moth hunt. lol. xx

  11. Brilliant pictures. The ears on the wardrobe made me giggle!

    Linda xx