Thursday, 29 August 2013


The Bijou garden got off to a late start this year, the weather was not good for planting out until quite late but I have been pleased with the end result.
I bought a box of bizzy lizzies in Tesco for £4.00 and they have really come up trumps and made the garden really colourful.

We've fed everything really well this year and it has paid off.

The lavender was bought from Asda and has grown a lot larger than I would have liked, but  it smells lovely and is attracting a lot of insects.
Half way through the season I noticed a couple of leaves growing at each end of the trough and replanted them into the hanging baskets, they were begonia's from last year.
Just look how they have ended up.  Now that's what I like, flowers for free.

 As seen through the lavender on the top step

On the sewing front. I've got fed up with book covers and am now messing about with machine embroidery.
I do say in my profile that I am a butterfly crafter and its true, nothing holds me for long. lol

Watch this space, you may, or may not see more of this ....depends


  1. i love that blue gate, the flowers are amazing..

  2. I wish I had a small courtyard garden, I had hoped for a smaller garden this time, but ended up with a wind swept paddock LOL
    Your garden looks very pretty and I particularly liked the arch over the gate.

  3. WOW! The colours really POP against that beautiful blue gate.
    Jane x

  4. I love to see the blue gate and it's funny in the U.S. we call the flowers impatiences I feel guilty I did no gardening this year and last and I used to this yours is inspiring.

  5. I love everything about this! The beautiful blue door with the flowers on it, the sweet little yellow flowers that you saved. This reminds me of a beautiful secret garden.

  6. Yes I do agree, feeding pots and hanging baskets really does pay off. Now that the season is coming to an end I am beginning to think about what to plant over winter. Autumn comes early up here in North Yorkshire - I usually put in small winter pansies - if the weather is reasonable we get a good show, if the weather is awful they just die.

  7. You have a lovely garden, love the flowers. I keep flitting about with different crafts as well.

  8. your garden looks delightful

  9. Your garden is lovely and colourful, especially the busy lizzies and beconias.

  10. your garden is so pretty.. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a butterfly crafter too. I don't stick with one thing for very long