Friday, 9 August 2013

Ruperts curly tongue and finally finished book cover.

Tom is still galliantly plodding on with his patchwork quilt and now has 235 squares made, rougly 120 or so to go.
Rupert thinks that all the bits of fabric littered all over the bed make a lovely cosy sleeping area, half in and half out of a basket he first looks as though to say 'Yes, you wanted something?' 

And then gives a big yawn to emphasis the fact that I am disturbing him, showing his great big curly tongue.

I have been really slack lately with the blogging, mainly because its been hot and also I've been really busy sewing.
I finally finished the  book cover that I started way back at the beginning of June, just got to make it up now.
I've got a cunning plan for making it this time and hope that I can get a better fit than the last one.
I tatted a couple of leaves and laid some pink satin under the lace in each corner, then worked french knots and beads to keep it in place.  Brown velver for the surround and lots of crystals and pearls.
All topped off with 3 large hand made organza flowers.

Willow has been in the wars. Last Saturday she started limping quite badly on her front left leg.  It is improving every day so we are assuming that she must have pulled a muscle.
I'm really good at rushing to the vets whenever the cats are unwell, but I held off this time and I think she'll be okay.
Ball throwing is off the menu for a while until she is fully recovered.

She's a really sweet cat but she's not pushy like the rest of them so tends not to get so much air time.


  1. this book cover could be framed and hung on the wall. i see it in a shadow box. beautiful.

  2. I love Ruperts yawn ...but I am so sorry about Willows problems ...I wonder what happened???
    As for your book cover ...stunning ...a work of art.xx

  3. Willow, my love, you are as beautiful as Rupert...but a tad more mysterious...and that's far more exciting than a boring old,show offy tongue!
    Jane x

  4. the book cover is gorgeous. I love how you do those. Rupert is quite handsome and Willow is very pretty

  5. Oh what a cute cat. I have a dog that is just as sleepy she gives off sleep endorphans not sure the spelling of that word. But I find that quilting is better done in the winter time. I love your book cover, I am trying to get to making a large one like that its so cute!

  6. She's very pretty. Love the little white bobby sock.

  7. The book cover looks really lovely. Wonderful cats, but why do they want to lay, where you want to play....?
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. That book cover is really pretty.

    As for animals and vets - I find, particularly with cats and dogs that things like a limp always get better after a few days, so it is certainly worth waiting for a day or two if they are otherwise well - at least it avoids yet another vet's bill!

  9. Oh my, that book cover is especially delicate and lovely! I hope you have a very special book to put inside.
    Dear Willow, I hope she is soon back to health. I know you are giving her lots of extra love while she heals.
    Rupert looks like the king of the quilt squares!
    Hope your summer is going well and not too awfully hot.

  10. your book cover is gorgeous, I think it's my favourite so far.
    Poor Willow, extra snuggles from Aunty Kath x

  11. Hope Willow is still improving. Such a quandary whether to go to the vet or not. Hmm. Your book cover is really fabulous. You have such a talent.

  12. your DH is going great guns with the patchwork.
    Book cover is so delicate and beautiful
    See cats are into their usual mischief! Have one coming to stay on thursday for 2 weeks, will have no stair carpet left by the time he has gone!

  13. Love your cats, so cute!

    Cant wait to see that patchwork when its all completed.