Monday, 23 September 2013


After our lovely walk the other day I have been inspired to make an Autumn Block.

Here is the beginning part.  I may remove the pinky red corner, not sure yet if it goes but I'm happy with the rest.  I managed to find some fabric already printed with trees and I hope to use this to my  advantage.

Raked out some red beads that look a bit like berries and a real dried leaf that I have had in the drawer for ages.

The leaf above is the real dried leaf and the other two have been printed from this leaf onto cotton fabric.  I'm going to carefully cut around these and applique them onto the block.
If you are interested in doing this the site to buy the fabric paper is
They not only sell paper but also lots of other interesting things.
Once printed you peel the back away and are left with only the fabric.

Finally a couple of kitty pictures.
A rare picture of Polly sharing a chair with Rowan.

And an even rarer moment of her actually condescending to give her a bit of a wash.
Although Polly is the mum to all of the others she is really off hand with them.  They would all love to be friendly but usually she'll have none of it.
Notice the lump of fur on the carpet (this is a small one.), these are scattered all around the place mostly from Polly who doesn't seem to shed fur like the others but does it in great big lumps.


  1. I love the leaves wonderful Idea so natural!

  2. the kitties are sooooo sweet. i can sit and stare at them and I did. enlarged for a good stare. and I love the chair to...

  3. Ah, must be getting cooler!
    Jane x

  4. Nice start to your block,,, the kitty pictures reminded me,, for some reason,, of a scan picture I have of my twins!!

  5. I love your puss cat pics! They look so cute cuddled up together.

  6. They look so sweet together on the chair!! And the quilt with the leaves, and the colors, and the bead berries, I cannot imagine how beautiful it will be, I do hope you will keep showing us, especially when it is done.

  7. what a neat idea with the leaf.
    So cute seeing the two sharing the chair

  8. Good to see the cats curling up together - mine did when we first got them but not any more. Mind you I didn't realised that with two females one should always have ones that are related. Still they get on most of the time.

  9. The Autumn block!! What a great idea, can not wait to see it finished. Cuddling cats...I also have two unrelated females and some days are cuddle days and other days are do not even look at me days....