Friday, 27 September 2013


With the winter approaching we were getting worried about Daddy the feral cat.  He's been spending more and more time near to us and a couple of times we have come through the gate only to see him inside the house looking out of the window.  Of course as soon as he sees us come through he is out of the hatch and far enough away on the garage roof to be safe.
We decided that we would put a box into the bijou shed and open a little hole in the hopes that in the winter when the snow is around he will use this.  Last year he trudged across the roof in snow and ice and was out in all weathers.

This large box fits really well and Tom cut a hole in the end and butted it to the front of the shed, this way he can't actually get into the shed itself.

A nice warm fleece will do for the moment but if he decides to use it I will put an old pure wool jumper in.
He has been inside as Tom saw him comng out but wether he is actually sleeping in there we don't know.  We can only do our best.
Today we are going to get some worm pills again, but this is proving difficult as the pet shops  will not sell me anything strong enough and the vets refuse to sell me anything unless I take the cat to them. 

I now have some rosehips on the other side of the block, and last night I sewed on the real image leaf together with some old vintage trimming.

And finally for today, here is an evening project that I intend to do mainly when the adverts are on, 
The amount of time given to adverts on the tv means that it shouldn't take long to get this done. lol
Won't tell you what it is but will show you as I go along.


  1. Daddy is a lucky guy to have you looking out for him.
    The block is looking great and I love that leaf.
    Can't wait to see what you'll be doing next

  2. The block is gorgeous. Love the colours. The daddy cat is very fortunate to have someone caring so much for him. It looks like a warm little lodging for him. It is my experience that some ferals will not use a winter house unless there is an escape at the back of the entrance. If you find he won't sleep in it you may want to add an exit at the back. They are too smart to get stuck inside if another cat or human approaches. Deb

  3. fantastic idea, I hope daddy uses it when it gets cold weather. i am thinking he will. as for the adverts.. do not get me on my soap box about them... 30 minute show is really only 17 minutes, the rest is ad... i love love love this new quilt

  4. As Deb said, add an escape route and he'll be as happy as a feral in a cosy winter shelter!
    Jane x

  5. So nice of you to help Daddy and provide him a safe warm place to sleep. Your crazy quilting is always lovely to see. I wonder what you are knitting up? Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  6. he obviously feels safe with you, I hope he gets more tame in time.

  7. You can get wormers, Drontal is the one I use, the same as the vet sells, at viovet, chemist direct, petremedies and animed direct; just google them and you can get the wormers about half price, even with the postage costs, or some with free postage. With some you have to give a cat's name and weight; you'll have to draw a name out of a hat!

  8. Thanks for your advice, I will try the drontal next time, this time though I managed to get some past from the vet.
    He's called Daddy because he is the father of our 4 black and white boys, Polly is the Mum.
    Thanks for dropping by, I couldn't find your email.

  9. I hope pussy finds the new bed you have made for him.

  10. The quilt looks more beautiful each time I see it. Black, white, and pink, I cannot imagine what you are making with those colors!!! You are so tenderhearted with creatures. You remind me of my best friend who is a two time ovarian cancer survivor. For many years she took care oaf several strays and even has a box just like this up on her back porch.

  11. The block is coming along, I love the details! Daddy will probably be yours for life. How very kind to arrange shelter for him!

  12. I hope Daddy uses the sleeping box. Since he's already been inside and checked it out, he probably will especially when it gets cold. We have a shed where we leave the door open a crack so the feral kitties can get in out of the cold. There are crates with old pillows inside.

    Love the block! You are such an artistic designer!

  13. Lucky Daddy! Lovely block work ... :0)

  14. I'm so glad you are looking after the cat. I hope he is sensible and lets you look after him and goes in the lovely warm bedding you have got for him.
    Loving the block too, looks great.

  15. Lovely block - and a very lucky cat to have you look after him
    Julie xxxxxxx