Friday, 20 September 2013


After my last post, quite out of character for me I return to the usual, lol.

Here's the view we get when we visit our favourite charity shops. I've kept meaning to show you every time we travel this bit of road but always forget my camera. Aren't the cliffs amazing?

On the craft front, I've finally got around to framing the Kitty and Fred blocks.  This has given me the encouragement I needed to start another.
I may just add a bit of gold to Kitties frame as I think it looks a bit flat.

Today was a glorious day, sunny but not hot, breezy but not windy and perfect for a walk on the downs.

All of the berries are in full flow at this time of the year and the Hawthorne was bursting with them.

Teasels were abundant.

And I was surprised to see loads of this pretty little flower, Birds Foot Trefoil.

I just had to take a picture of the sky, it was beautiful.

And here is Tom making sure the way it clear, this is a favourite dog walking area and we didn't want any extras in the car. lol

 And finally, I found this pretty little fly on the window frame today, any idea what it is?


  1. the cliffs are magnificent and the teasel is beautiful. new to me.. good job on the framing...

  2. I love your framed craft blocks.....they are beautiful and also love your pix. wish I could see them better but good enuf.
    Keep on doing what you are doing.
    Love, Lo

  3. The downs look beautiful. The moth I think is similar to the plume moth .

  4. You live in a gorgeous part of the world. It looks stunning.

  5. The cliffs are incredibly beautiful. We have birds foot trefoil here too,they have quite the smell when I mow over them.
    Jane x

  6. I have admired your blocks of Fred and Kitty on the sidebar each time I've visited. How lovely to see them framed. They are very unique needlework treasures.
    Re 'downs: I've met up with the term in reading English stories, but needed to have a 'picture' in my mind--after looking at your photos I googled 'downs/southeast England.' That helped a bit--at least now I gather there are South Downs and North downs--and the 'white cliffs of Dover' are in the North. Following blogs is surely good for my geography.

  7. what a glorious view that is, those cliffs are amazing.
    Your blocks look wonderful in the frames.
    No help on that fly, I have no idea what it is

  8. Wow nice pictures the yellow flowers we called snap dragons in the USA. That bug looks good too!

  9. Me again I for got to say I love the blocks and the little fish bones are cute!

  10. The first picture of your route is stupendous!!! Things all looking so normal, then those wonderful cliffs!!! And your framed squares are wonderful!!! I love the cat one but the other is so pretty as well. If I saw them in a store, I would buy one.

  11. Lovely photos as always. I agree with you about a little gold.
    I think that little chap is some kind of moth.

  12. Lovely view of the cliffs,,,,, well done with framing the blocks.

  13. Lovely pictures and beautiful crazy patchwork pictures

    Nice to see wild flowers still around I love to see cow parsley or Kek as we call it here .

  14. Wonderful cliffs!
    Your framed pieces are just beautiful, I love the different textures, and trims. No idea of your woindow sitter, at a quick glace it looks lie a dragon fly, but the coloring is like a moth.

  15. Wow...the cliffs ARE amazing, Briony! i love your framed blocks too. Great job :o) No clue on the insect sorry..

  16. What a beautiful shot of the cliffs. Your frames squares look amazing and colourful.

    I would say that the insect is a moth. I've seen one similar here and my son said it was a moth when I thought it was a rather large mosquito!

    Have a great week. xx