Thursday, 17 October 2013


I don't know if I have ever mentioned this subject before but roughly between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Rupert, who is the main culprit, will leap all over the bed making lots of burrpy and chirrupy noises until one of us gives in and gets up to open the hatch in the back door.
All of the others are waiting in the wings, so to speak letting him do the business and as soon as we get up there is a tide of black furry bodies all rushing along the hall to the back door.
Job well done Rupert !
The problem is that the clocks go back one hour on Saturday and as cats have no conception of this it means that one of us will be getting up between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. in the morning to let them out.
I know you're probably thinking well, just let him get on with it.
Not possible......  he doesn't give up and feels like a ton weight.
What we do for the love of our cats. lol.
Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.


  1. I had a cat that did something similar at the same time every morning only he was waiting for his food dish to be filled. They do have good internal clocks don't they

  2. Maybe you need a cat-door that only opens from the inside. That way they can go out but outdoor critters can't come in. I know they make them but I have never purchased one.

  3. Cheeky wee monkey! But he's so adorable you couldn't get cross at that face.
    Jane x

  4. this is to funny to me, i just emailed a friend who said she was happy to see the time change and i said the same thing you did here only Jake is a dog and is the one who insists we get up, it will take about 6 weeks for his internal clock to go back to 4 am wake up call. baby waits until he gets us up, then she goes out to... also the feeding time will be wanted one hour early... they will start hounding us to feed them exactly one hour early... and i fix dinner each night starting at 4:30 so now Baby will come and stare at me at 3:30

  5. We have one cat (out of 6) that *demands* we wake up by 7am (which isn't too terribly early, but still...). She starts howling and throwing herself at the door so loudly you'd think she'd actually bust it eventually. Being the cat lovers we are, we generally wake up laughing... (a non-cat lover would most likely want to shoot her).

  6. Mine will be getting me up at 4:00am to feed them after the time change. As it was 5:00am was way too early on the weekends. Good thing we think our cats are cute or they wouldn't last long. ;)

  7. I so relate to that sense of being borne down the hallway on a 'tide' of felines! It takes about 2 weeks for our cats to adjust to the time change in fall, although they are fine with the springtime adjustment.

  8. Tony has banned marmalade from roaming the house on a night now as she always used to wake us up. She now has her basket/litter/food and drink in the kitchen so we dont get disturbed nowadays but I miss her furry little body cheekily squeezing under the duvet (my side of course) and snuggling against my tummy.

  9. My old boy cat used to leap on the bed and shout M'roouu! When we had hit the ceiling and come down again he would smile sweetly; "So, you ARE awake!" Current boy cat is an angel. Yesterday, my alarm went off and he came up from the bottom of the bed to say hello. I decided I needed another hour and put the alarm forward, told him I was going back to sleep and he just settled down and waited. Bless his little furry socks!