Sunday, 27 October 2013

Millionare Row, Old Car and Leaves for the Block

Yesterday we went for another bracing walk along the seafront.  This time we went West toward a block of buildings that are called 'Millionaires Row' in Hove.
Several Celebrities have properties here and although it looks nothing from the back all of the houses are quite grand and look out over the sea with their own bit of beach.

Here's Tom walking along towards them with a blustery sea to the left.

This is the end house of the line, it belongs to the singer 'Adele' and although they look nothing on the outside, inside they are beautiful.

Here seen from the beach, notice the fence placed down the beach to keep us ordinaries out.
Others who live here are Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim,  Paul McCartney once lived here when he was married to Heather Mills. and other so called Celebs.

This was the view looking back East to Brighton, as you can see the sea was quite rough, not as rough though as it will be on Sunday as the high winds we are expecting hit us

Indoors I have been working on my Autumn Block and have been making leaves for the tree.
I have stiffened some leafy fabric and am cutting them out to stitch on, this is a good method to use as once stiffened the fabric doesn't seem to fray and can be sort of bent to look more realistic.

Finally, look at the little car we were behind yesterday, not a very good quality picture as I took it through the windscreen on a rainy day but I just thought it was so dinky.

We reckon it must be 80 years old or more.
The little square above the number plate lit up with the words STOP when it braked....


  1. love the car.. and i think i smell that clean and cool salt air.. we have a lot of celebrates with homes here to, seems they congregate to the beach fronts and build there so us commoners can't even view the beach. that is the way it is here.

  2. What a wonderful little car. Hand on heart, I'm not sure I like those houses all the celebrities live in - bit too boxy for me. Loving your leaves, just gorgeous! xx

  3. lifestyles of the rich and famous :)
    Neat idea with the leaves.

  4. That is a cute little car and love the little leaves you have cut out they look so real. Do you stiffen the leaves before you cut or after?

  5. Thanks for the information, that makes since, and I know what you mean about putting things on hold. I see so many things that I want to do and kinda saw some knitting projects too that I would like to try! I made this pillow for my daughter years ago and one of these days I'll get her to take a picture of it so you can see it. I bought this inspiring book called the art of manipulating fabric then made the pillow let me know if you have seen the book?

  6. The sky looks so funny in the third picture, what is going on there? We love Adele! You sure live in a prestigious neighborhood, how lovely. Great to be so close to the water, too.

  7. your leaves are such a good idea, can see me doing some shortly on my block for november. Well you were mixing with the celebs down in Hove, as you say the sea will be a lot rougher this morning. Here in Leeds it is 5.40am and still no wind or rain but we are expecting it in the next hour or two but it will not be as bad as "down south" hope you are battened down! Our local radio station started at 4am this morning to keep us up to date with what is coming!!