Saturday, 9 November 2013


Maybe its because I'm ancient, but I can remember these snowball cakes from years ago, filled with gooey marshmallow and covered in chocolate. So when I saw them on offer in my local shop I bought some.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened the packet and saw the size of them, plenty of packaging but not much snowball....

In my amazement I got a tape measure and measured the base and it was just one and half inches across. Another case of deception from a manufacturer.
In days of yore. lol,  they were 3 times this size but then so were a lot of other things. e.g. Penguin biscuits for instance.

On a positive note, I have at last finished the Autumn Crazy Patchwork Block.
All I need now is to find a nice frame for it.

Close up of one side.  The old man's beard is a bit grey, but I do believe that this is the colour they end up after the rain an dust gets on them.


  1. you are right the snowballs from the distant past were really big. i have not had one or seen one in many year.s

  2. I hate how they shrink things thinking we won't notice.
    Your block looks amazing.

  3. I think your autumn block is one of the most creative you have made and shared on your blog. The various stitches and embellishments are delightful!

  4. Hello Briony
    Full size Snowballs on sale down here - love them. The tiny ones would be nice for afternoon tea!
    I have to agree with MM in the this block is worthy of an A+.

  5. this is my favourite block you ever made. Actually don't I say that every time :-)
    Anyway, it's stunning and I love everything about it, the colours, the berries, the stitching. Just gorgeous. Yes A+ from me too. Go to the top of the class, :-D

  6. Ooh, now you have got me wanting one of those snowballs! I used to love them but havent had one in years. They did used to be larger than those you get nowadays.
    Your autumn block is beautiful, well worth all the effort you have put into it.

  7. Snowballs were sold in singles at one time, if I remember right. And curlywurlys have really shrunk.
    beautiful block!

  8. Really cute like the tiny spider and is that fluffy stuff that odd yarn that looks impossible to knit with?

  9. Your block is wonderful! And as for the snowballs, I was eating a Dove Bar (vanilla ice-cream on a stick with a dark chocolate hard coating) today and was thinking the same thing... "Weren't these bigger at one time?" and I thought there used to be 4 in the box, not 3...

  10. I love the detail on your block, it is just wonderful.

  11. this crazy block takes first prize of the best one I have ever seen so much detail and all the beading etc, wonderful. Re the snowballs afraid never liked can`t do coconut but know lots of childhood things have shrunk what about wagon wheels they are now more like children`s toy car wheels!

  12. Love! Love this block! You amaze me with all the detail. I enjoy all your creations.

  13. Didn't notice Spider earlier,,,,, nice. Do you stitch him or is he ready made?

  14. Yep! definitely getting smaller, we bought Club biscuits the other day, they have gone long and thin and not much chocolate!

    Your blocks are amazing - can you tell me the secret of making them?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  15. Your Autumn block is beautiful. A real piece of art. So many parts that represent Autumn perfectly.

    Not sure I've ever had a snowball. Not keen on coconut. Love the fact that you got a ruler out to measure it. Just the thing I would do!