Friday, 1 November 2013


A while back in a post I showed you the hole we had cut out in the shed to allow  Daddy the stray cat some shelter in the winter.
A couple of bloggers told me that it was highly unlikely that he would use it unless he had an escape hole, as feral cats don't like to feel trapped.
So Tom got down and dirty and made another hole in the back of the shed to a give Daddy 2 ways of entering or exiting the shed.

Below is the new escape hole.

This gave me the opportunity to have a clear out but left the Bijou Garden looking a bit messy.

But, by clearing out a lot of rubbish it means that there is a lot of space on the floor of the shed, so I have removed the box and just put some warm woollies on the floor for Daddy to sleep on.

This recent picture of him enjoying some minced chicken and a few biscuits.
We are gradually moving the food down to outside of the hole in the shed so that he can see it and will try putting the food  inside the shed when he is ready, this will allow us to put it there when it is raining and he will know to go inside for it.
As you can see his fur is steadily improving.


  1. he is looking better and better, great idea for the second hole. and God Bless blogger friends who tell us what we need to know...

  2. He'll figure out where the food is sure enough and he's going to enjoy the shelter. If he could ,he'd say thank you.
    Jane x

  3. He's a lucky lad, he certainly looks a lot better. I adopted a cat a few years back, who had been gentled in the same way. He eventually got so tame, he lived in the house with us.

  4. You are doing all that you can for Daddy cat. He may or may not use the shelter, but at least he had food to eat and that's very important. My outside kitties are waiting for me each and every day. I hate to see them digging in the garbage for food. Wish they all could have a comfy cozy life. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  5. You are really a dedicated cat lover. I LOVE h color of the shed, and hope he gets through the winter well.

  6. That cat is definitely onto a good thing with someone as kind hearted as you making sure he has just exactly what he needs. All of his freedom AND a safe, cosy space during the winter. Perfect.

  7. I bet that Daddy really appreciates your efforts and will even more so when winter weather hits

  8. he is looking better now and I am sure will be very grateful for the shed come the colder weather, might even trust you enough to come into the house. When I lived in Australia I managed to befriend a wild stray who ended up sleeping on my bed, poor Fred when we were returning to England I did not know what to do but we went to the vet only to be told he had kidney failure and was very poorly so we had to have him put to sleep, he was a lovely cat.