Friday, 31 January 2014


On Wednesday we took a trip over the Downs to a nice little garden centre and farm shop.  We love to visit this centre, its not large just small and friendly but they also have a small menagerie of animals, and where there's a few donkeys etc I'm always interested.

The first thing you see as you drive in are these beautiful small chickens and cockerels, such a variation of colours they were really gorgeous.

Several goats, very friendly, who came up for a scratch.

 Some haughty looking Alpaca's, (at least I thing that's what they are)

One dear little pony.
As you can see, the ground is water logged and they were more wading that walking poor things.

A parade of geese, not sure where they were off to.


And to end, more rain.....
This was taken on the way home.  The rain is never far away at the moment and when it arrives it arrives in style, lashing down.
This was taken on the seafront through the windscreen of the car, you can see the remains of the West Pier in the distance that was burnt down in 2003 and remains in a skeleton state.  Actually I like it and the birds love it as a roosting place.


  1. Oh love the Farm animals great pics and some places like the last pic I which I could show you. they are a lot like that and think of them often!

  2. what a lovely farm to have so near you can visit. Not seen Brighton look like that before, I used to come once a year and work at the Stitching show there.

  3. I oohed and aahed at the animals,the last shot shocked me out of oohing and aahing pretty sharpish!
    Jane x

  4. I would love to visit that place.

  5. You have green grass!
    How lovely! But all that rain, not so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the animals. Those chickens are so pretty.
    Hope the rain soon slacks off and you get some sun. Think Spring!

  6. The weather is just so miserable right now but well done to you for snatching some time to get out and about.

    The animal farm looks great though I cant help you out with the llama/alpaca thing. My favourite was a llamaca baby I got to cuddle in the Peak District which rather solved the deciding which breed it was as the mum and dad made a hybrid.

    Thanks for your comment on my crafted 'rock'. I think a beady elbow support is great idea as you can make it as firm as you need, though possibly not quite as firm as my cushion! Only down side is that the beads are a bit noisy when you move but they wont have the give of a cushion so it might be worth it. Just be careful of how much you order or you too can have a wheelie bin liner full of them too!

  7. Dear B
    The farm animals are lovely but must be hating this weather (as are a great many people, of course). It must be nice to have a place like that near you (even better when it isn't raining!)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes

  8. Oh dear that weather does look horrible - I feel so sorry for those animals - that mud can't be good for their feet/hoofs.

  9. Love to look at chickens and geese, they always seem aloof and unconcerned .
    Your seahorse would look good on crazy patchwork that has a seascape.
    Tatting is something I cannot do

  10. love all the animals. That rain doesn't look so nice. We're in a slight warm up so maybe you're weather will get better too

  11. Looks like an ideal place for an afternoon out - mind you, hope they have a tearoom for when it rains!


  12. Thanks for the info,. about needle tatting . Must try that

  13. Those chickens are gorgeous and the geese look like they're doing a catwalk show! I pity the poor animals on that sodden ground...Roll on some dry weather!