Saturday, 18 January 2014


As you know, I can't just simply have one project on the go.  And although it annoys me that I have all these things to finish I can't help but start another when the idea comes to me, thus I'm showing you the new project.
How did it happen? well I was just playing about and made some bits that looked a bit shell like and I was off. lol 

A sea side scrumble.

I found this frame in a charity shop, still wrapped in the film for £1.00 and that was enough inspiration to make it round.

I laid the pieces that I had already made onto the frame and it just sorted of looked as though it was made for it.

The Turquoise piece was the first piece that inspired the seaside theme.

The bit above looked so like a seashell that I made another and carried it on all around and got a sort of pink shell.   Add a bit of what I hope looks like netting and some wavy bits and it begins to take shape.

Here are some more bits that I may or may not use.

I love srumbling, just cobble the bits together and you have something really lovely.

Just to show how my mind works I had to show you these.  Don't you think they look like a work of art? they are the ends from Tom's hexagon crochet that he cut of and threw away.
If only I could get them to stay together somehow they would look great on the mantelpiece as an ornament.


  1. You sound exactly like me. Start something, brain goes into overdrive, fingers cannot keep up so you go and start something else!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. You may or may not wish to visit Julie Arkells' blog, the Crafty yarn remnants....
    I cannot be held responsible for your creactions if you do visit!

  3. I love your inventiveness. You see beauty in some of the simplest things.

  4. Your sea inspired piece is very nice. I love the colors and stitches.

    I have one I've been working on for over a year now. I lost my momentum but am getting it back again.

    Happy Crocheting ~ FlowerLady

  5. I love your freeform crochet , I have made a note of the book you use .
    Congratulations on the Golden wedding .
    I have a fat bagful of yarn bits like you are showing . they are what I trim of my hexagon crochet squares. I thought I would stuff a pincushion but seeing your frame , a good idea.

  6. spray glue? for the ornament for the mantle? i like the shells and the colors are definitely sea colors.

  7. You got to go with it, and you did it's fantastic! Brilliance!My favorite is the little white shell and the orange net :)

  8. This is awesome. Those are the perfect seaside colors. I love that little piece that looks like a snail shell.
    I do the same thing with multiple projects. I'll be working on something and see a new project and I'm too impatient to wait until I finish the first one

  9. you have some lovely sea side shapes here, are they from a book or your own made up ones?

  10. you have some lovely sea side shapes here, are they from a book or your own made up ones?

  11. well that's different I wouldn't have thought of that? Very pretty though.

  12. My problem is not all the projects on the go, it's all the ones that are left unfinished. :/ your scrumble art is great and really does look very sea inspired. You could probably use watered down school glue to keep those yarn bits together. Wouldn't hurt to give it a try. :) Best wishes, Tammy