Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I would like to say a big thankyou to all of those lovely bloggers who wished Tom and I a happy Anniversary, it was by far the most comments I've ever had,  Thankyou once again.

Just before I leave the Anniversary for good I thought I show you a couple of the gifts we received.

 The above is an invitation for a Sussex Cream Tea for Two in the Grand Hotel on the seafront of Brighton.
I must admit that at first I found this a bit daunting as neither Tom nor I are used to Hotels but my Youngest  Son and Daughter have both done this and said it was lovely and we would be fine, so later in the year we will ring and book our table.

Then we were given this Yellow Floribunda Rose called 'Golden Wedding' .

Now onto the weight loss.  Today we got out the Wii for a bit of fun and found to our amazement that we had both lost weight since we used it last about 9 months ago.
Tom had lost 14lb and I had lost 11lb.
Don't ask how we did it, I know we don't eat as much as we used to but obviously over the months it has had this good effect.
Lets hope it stays off....

 No post would be complete without a cat now would it and here's little Rowan showing different postitions on a cushion.
Chin on edge with left leg hanging down side.

and lion pose with both gloves on show.


  1. Think I'll dig out our son's wii!
    Love to see the roses when they bloom
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What super gifts!
    Love Rowan, she's a real poser!

  3. Happy belated anniversary! 50 years is certainly something to celebrate. Congrats to you both! Since I gave up dairy 8 months ago, I've lost weight without even trying. Although I guess all the walking helps, too. But maintaining is so easy now. Staying active certainly helps. Wishing you both (and the kitties, too) health and happiness in the new year. Tammy

  4. love the lion pose and WOW on the lost weight, i am jealous and i hope this will inspire me to try harder...

  5. In that first photo, that little face says "mischief" to me!

  6. Sounds like a nice place to go, you both will have fun. And this cat is not camera shy might I say :) Can't wait to see these roses bloom I do so love yellow!

  7. Cats are born attention grabbers!
    Jane x

  8. Great gifts an such a cute cat !!!

  9. I was hoping you had a secret to share for the weight loss. I could use a secret plan...lol
    Love the shots of Rowan. Such a pretty cat

  10. such a poser! Afternoon tea sounds a real treat and the rose bush will be spectacular I am sure when in flower, wonder if it will have a scent too, so many seem not to these days. Well done to the pair of you with your weight loss, must try and attempt it too.

  11. Lol....cats and their poses, always make me smile!

  12. How clever your gift giver was to find a rose with that name. The cream tea outing should be fun, especially as it's something you don't do regularly.

  13. I wish I had lost some weight!We are still missing Ziggy,our gorgeous tabby,who died in September.he was only two.