Friday, 3 January 2014


When you get to the Senior Citizen age Mr.Cameron gives you a little Christmas box of £10.00 to spend how you like, thus, between us we had £20.00 to do with what we want.
We decided to give Bijou Garden a  bit of a lift and spent the lot of flowers.

 I didn't realise just how hardy cyclamen are, they are standing up to all the winds and rain.

 Primulas are another good buy lovely and colourful

 This sad looking face was found at a car boot for 50p, I don't know why but I like it...

 Look what I see poking through, don't ask what they are, I forget what I put where now.  Typical, Mr.T would say. lol

And lastly these Chrysanths are what results when you plant a pot plant bought in a supermarket, they seem to revert to the original type but still produce pretty little flowers to pick for inside.
So on a sunny day the garden looks beautiful even if it is winter.


  1. so who is mr Cameron? and i like that sad face a lot

  2. The the pot with the face - very pretty garden, given me lots of ideas
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. My face is green with envy right now..sooooo much colour!
    Jane x

  4. You are able to have those plants outdoors at this time of year???
    Doesn't it get below freezing?
    If that's the case, I think I'll have to move to England. It's 10 degrees Farenheit here. I don't know what that means in Celcius, but it's blistering FRIGID!!!
    Enjoy all that lovely color!

  5. I agree with lady above those are hardy plants and a great uplift to see just drag them inside if you get some super cold stuff. Oh yea the face is so sad because he is a pot head ha ha ha. I do like him anyway!

  6. I like the pot with the face on,,,,sad looking but sweet.

  7. hi Briony , I can't remember us meeting before but I'm so pleased you dropped by.
    I really like your header .
    The plants your end of England do look good . I have cyclamen but not much else showing . I can see hyacinths just poking noses above the soil , Penstemon still have a few blooms , I do have wallflower and the odd pansy showing .
    Most of your interests are things I like but no piano playing .

  8. I have been reading through your blog and notice that your husband does patchwork .
    A few years back a husband and wife team visited the group I belonged to.
    They were the speakers and bought with them the most amazing quilts.
    Truly a husband and wife team .
    I'm wondering was it you .
    The venue was Cosby , Leicestershire

  9. The plants are lovely, such a nice splash of colour at this time of the year.


  10. Happy new year to you, I hope that it is a happy healthy one for you and your family. Your plants look beautiful and all your lovely pots. My garden is looking very sorry for itself at the moment I must get out and give it some TLC. love Jill xx

  11. I was wondering the same thing Sandra was, who is Mr. Cameron? I wish I could plant flowers in the winter. They would die in no time out there right now

  12. I had not noticed my £10 had gone into the bank but was delighted with the £200 from him. Good to see you have such lovely colours in the garden, mime is very boring at the moment Sad face is great, that was a good find

  13. I wondered where that £10 came from. Not sure what I will do with it.