Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Once a week the kitties get a treat of fresh fish, usually they have biscuits but two or three times a week they get a taster of something a bit different, usually chicken or fish.
Of course the smell while its cooking brings them into the kitchen en masse and they hang about until its ready.  Funny how they can all become firm friends when there's fish about.

The dishes are lined up ready for the go.

Look at the little horrors all watching Daddy cooling it down.
'Come on Dad, we're starving'

Silence is golden.....Everyone thinks its delicious bar one.  Willow the fussy one of the bunch isn't impressed.  Never mind I'm sure Rupert (middle of table ) has Willow's dish earmarked for him, he's usually the first finished and goes around tidying up all the other dishes when they've finished.
But then he is a big boy.

Take a minute to notice the ingenious cat flap holder upper.
A bit of elastic around the door handle. lol
It's so that they can sit and watch the rain and get a bit of air and we don't have to have the door open.

Just had to show you this picture taken in the lauderette yesterday.
This little boy has come all the way from Greece, the kind people found him on a roundabout while they were on holiday, just a tiny puppy.  Thet paid all the dues to bring him back to uk.  He's name is Teddy and he was beautiful.
He looks a bit sorry for himself but I can assure you he was so perky, its just my timing  taking the picture.
I was amused that they'd bought along his little bed and asked if I could take a picture.
sorry about the quality.


  1. the cat buffet is now open... they are so happy... and the pup is precious...

  2. Oh Teddy! I'm so happy he was rescued by a loving family. One of the Persians I rescued here was flown to Canada and named Teddy by the person who adopted him. :) Cats are so funny! And smart! Jingles used to never try new things. She's always loved dates and avocados and tuna. But now she will take a little taste of certain things if I put a bit on my finger. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  3. They are so funny all sitting there waiting for their food. I like the one of them watching dad cool it off.
    Teddy is a real cutie

  4. well as I scrolled down your photos it seems an extra cat appeared in each one, how many have you got, wonder if there were more hiding somewhere! Such good company, I do not have one now as the burglar alarm is not cat friendly and if it is not set when I go out were I to get broken into the insurance would not pay out so it is good to see what yours are up to

  5. Dear B
    It made me laugh seeing your cats all waiting for their food! Our three wouldn't be so patient, i don't think! So nice to hear a happy story about animals too.
    Best wishes

  6. Call them anything but not late for dinner! Teddy looks like has had too many roundabout dreams and glad he is safe now!:)

  7. My dad used to have to do that with the cat flap permanently! His cat was so snooty he wouldn't lower himself to go through the closed cat flap he would just sit until you opened the door.
    Julie xxxxx

  8. Hahaha, that second picture is so funny!!
    Typical for cats...

  9. I love them all lined up ready for their treat! The dog is so adorable, bless those wonderful people for saving him.
    Jane x

  10. Oh, they are so cute patiently(???) waiting for their treat. Don't you love it when the kitties are happy? Isn't that what life is about?

    Glad that cute little Teddy found people to love him.

    For your thoughtfulness!

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  12. Lol, my cats look like that when we cook chicken :-). That little dog is so cute...great story too!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  13. oh my goodness ..they are SO CUTE!!

  14. One of my cats goes absolutely crazy if anyone opens a can of tuna!

    Such a lovely story about the puppy.


  15. There always a fussy one in the bunch. I have little calves like that. They start to moo as soon as I walk in the barn and want to be fed right away. One is really fussy.
    Your kitties sure look well taken care of. I wish everyone treated animals like that.